Mac Pro? No.

A REAL Professional Workstation?

When the award-winning, light-hearted Mac Pro No commercial debuted in 2014, it created quite a stir, igniting the passions of many loyal Mac users. But now, in hindsight, the spot has proven to be incredibly prescient. Many of the problems and deficiencies we highlighted in the ad have now been experienced by a multitude of Mac users. We’re aware of this phenomenon because they contact us every day. These professionals are Apple diehards frustrated with the inadequacies of their system and taking an informed and educated look at BOXX for the very first time. 



Here’s the reality: BOXX believes in improving your productivity and profit with the right tool for the job—not a one-size-fits-all machine, but a precisely configured solution guaranteed to reliably run your specific applications at peak performance. Apple’s focus is no longer on professional workstation users like you; it’s on consumer grade devices. Our focus is on your success. It’s time to do what countless other former Mac users have done and make the switch to BOXX. For expandable, overclocked, multi-GPU performance, backed by a 3-year warranty and legendary technical support, call us today.

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"Switching from Macs to BOXX workstations has been a breath of fresh air for everybody involved." Watch the full customer story with Pi Architects below.