Mac Pro? No.

A REAL Professional Workstation?

The good folks at Apple say the new Mac Pro was “built for creativity on an epic scale.”

But was it built for you?

In the world premiere of this lighthearted commercial, Nate can’t wait to show off his “real professional workstation.” But watch what happens when his friend Drew challenges Nate’s definition of the term.  Be sure to stick around for the conclusion!



A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Apple Store 


Once upon a time, a number of Hollywood blockbusters were edited using a Mac Pro with Final Cut.  But in recent years, Apple seems to have shifted their focus away from the professional media and entertainment market in order to widen their consumer appeal with products like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  Although this strategy has paid off handsomely for Apple, it has, unfortunately, left creative professionals in the lurch.


It started with the release of Final Cut Pro X.  This regressive release of a once-great solution for editing video reduced it to what amounts to little more than an “app” – something you’d download from the iTunes store and run on your iPad.  It’s great for beginners looking to stitch together videos of their kids, but when you’re looking for an efficient workflow and not workarounds, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.  With a lack of native support for many major formats, users were scrambling to find, often unsuccessfully, third party plug-ins to maintain use of their assets.  To their credit, Apple has made some significant attempts to rectify these missteps, but for our customers, that ship has sailed.

Next, Apple allowed the Mac Pro to wither on the vine.  What used to be a tower that often rivaled the PC in terms of horsepower and capabilities was suddenly being neglected and not upgraded to include the latest technology.  This led many in professional industries to question if the Mac Pro was going to be discontinued as Apple became more focused on the consumer market.

And then, all of a sudden, Apple refreshed the Mac Pro.  But it wasn’t like anything we had ever seen.  It wasn’t a tower, it didn’t feature the top end components, and it wasn’t upgradeable.  In fact, it was closer to the failed G4 Cube than the Mac Pro we had all come to know.

But it made sense.  Apple had abandoned the media and entertainment market and their creative professional user base.  Instead, they built a desktop system that would have broad appeal to those who would run the uninspiring Final Cut Pro X.  In that regard, it’s a match made in heaven, but for someone whose work and passion is in the visual arts, it’s a match made in, well, you know.  Mac Pro?  No.

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