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Configurable with up to two Intel XEON processors for a total of 28 cores (56 threads), the renderPRO 2 is the most versatile rendering sidekick that enables you to render or simulate on the go without the cost or complexity of a render farm.

Dual Xeon renderPRO - Configurable
Clock Speed
UP TO 2.6Ghz
Max CPU base Clock Speed
CPU Cores
UP TO 36 cores
Max CPU Cores
GPU Density
GPU Density
RAM Amount
Max Memory
Starting Price: $3,745.00
New Configuration
renderPRO 2
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The BOXX Workflow
Take advantage of our unique hardware solution package specifically designed to address the bottlenecks of your professional software applications. Watch the video on the left for in-depth examples and more information on how the BOXX Workflow will make you more productive. 

Simple to Set Up, Easy to Use

The renderPRO 2 requires power and a network connection, that’s it. Once your renderPRO 2 is connected to your network, use the included BOXXView software to discover and take control. From there, you can remotely install the software you use and get right to work. It really is that easy. Watch our comprehensive setup video to the left and see for yourself.

Expertly Engineered

The renderPRO 2 is a complete computer powered by dual Intel XEON processors and plenty of memory. We’ve stripped out all the unnecessary features and have boiled it down to what matters most: CPU core count. The renderPRO 2 was designed for 24/7 maximum workload operation, and to that end we’ve engineered a cooling setup that keeps it cool for reliable operation, yet quiet enough to sit on your desk. The all-aluminum chassis was designed to sit directly on an APEXX 4 and also allows it to be stacked several units high for a powerhouse desk side render farm solution.

Expertly Engineered

Purpose Built By Creative Professionals, For Creative Professionals

Purpose Built By Creative Professionals, For Creative Professionals

At BOXX we understand your workflow, the programs you use, and we design solutions from the ground up to run those programs in a way that deliver real results that keep you creating and not waiting. The renderPRO portable render farm is the only desk side personal rendering system and simulation solution designed for offloading computationally intensive tasks. Keep your workstation free to keep creating without bogging down your CPU. When combined with an overclocked workstation, your workflow will fly with maximum performance regardless of whether you’re bottlenecked by frequency or the number of cores.

Tech Support That Understands Your Workflow

Legendary BOXX Tech Support is based 100% in the US, and located at BOXX headquarters in Austin, TX. This provides us immediate access to the tools and resources they need to support you and your specific workflow. We will attempt to recreate issues you may have utilizing our own hardware and software in an effort to reproduce even the most obscure problem. We’ll even overnight parts when necessary (during the premium warranty period). We understand that you need to be back working as soon as possible as down time means money. Your productivity will always be our top priority.

Made In The USA

At BOXX, we’re engineers and creative professionals too. In fact, we rely on SolidWorks, 3Ds Max, and other applications every day. Our chassis (including the APEXX) are designed by BOXX engineers and proudly manufactured in the USA, but they aren’t built for sending emails or gaming.

They’re crafted out of aircraft quality aluminum and steel strengthening components for one purpose and one purpose only: to provide you with the finest workstation available to get the job done. That means maximum airflow and cool, quiet operation—even with the most demanding hardware configurations.

Talk to the experts
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Packs a Punch - Desktop Engineering

As a minimalist box designed to sit nicely atop your desktop workstation — 6.75x20x3.8 in. — the renderPRO packs a choice of dual Xeon processors, a solid-state drive (SSD) and up to [256GB of DDR4-2133] memory. “That is why I got it,” says Cronin. “When I’m in front of a customer and I’m tumbling the model, that little bitty renderPRO is doing all the work. I’m demoing on my laptop, but I’ve got the power of a workstation.”