For professional design, rendering, and simulation, “The Beast” is the most powerful computer workstation on the market. Featuring up to four professional, dual-width,NVIDIA® Quadro™ or AMD® RadeonPro™ graphics cards, a fifth single-slot GPU (on some models), and powered by a safely overclocked, ten-core Intel® Core™ i7-6950X Extreme 3.0 processor or dual Intel® Xeon® processors (22 cores max), APEXX 5 outshines them all.

APEXX 5 8401

Powered by a new liquid-cooled, safely overclocked, ten-core Intel® Core™ i7-6950X Extreme 3.0 processor with one core overclocked at 4.3GHz and the other nine overclocked to 4.1GHz, APEXX 5 8401 delivers unparalleled multi-threaded rendering & simulation.

UP To 4.3 GHz
UP To 10 cores
UP To 128GB

Ships in 13 - 15 business days.

Basic Configuration Specs

  • 10-core Intel® Core i7, one core overclocked at 4.3GHz and nine at 4.1GHz
  • 128GB DDR4-2400
  • 1 NVIDIA Quadro M5000
  • 240GB SSD
  • 20X Dual Layer DVD RW
  • Windows 7 Professional

APEXX 5 8904

The world’s most advanced GPU-dense workstation, APEXX 5 8904 accommodates up to four professional dual-width NVIDIA® Quadro™ or AMD® RadeonPro™ graphics Cards, a fifth single-slot GPU, dual Intel® Xeon® processors, and a massive amount of memory (512GB).

UP To 3.7 GHz
UP To 44 cores
UP To 512GB

Ships in 13 - 15 business days.

Basic Configuration Specs

  • Intel® Xeon® E5-2650v4Turbo Mode up to 3.7 GHz Turbo
  • 12 cores 2.2 GHz 24 Total Cores
  • 32GB DDR4-2400
  • 1 NVIDIA Quadro M5000
  • 240GB SSD
  • Windows 7 Professional

Starting at



No Compromise Expansion

APEXX 5 can be configured with the largest array of professional expansion cards including a dedicated viewport GPU coupled with up to five coprocessors or powerful GPUs (up to NVIDIA® Quadro M6000s, NVIDIA® Tesla, Intel® Xeon® Phi,  or AMD FirePro W9100 cards.) In addition to these compute options, choose from three additional full-length expansion cards, including a Sync card for frame lock, PCI-Express SSDs, and 10Gb Ethernet. Best of all, these cards are all fed by native PCI-Express lanes for low latency instead of relying on costly, high latency switches.


Enterprise Class Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling, a standard feature on all BOXX workstations, is rated at 50,000 MTBF and derived from the same technology designed for mission-critical data centers. By providing optimal management of the processors’ heat output, BOXX liquid cooling keeps your workstation cool and quiet, ensuring long-term stability and performance.

Quiet Is Cool, Cool Is Reliable

APEXX 5 workstations take advantage of Sanyo Denki ball bearing fans which draw cool air in through a front grill and removable filter. This airflow system limits dust and other particles while cooling the GPU and heat exchanger for the CPU. Selected for their performance and low acoustic profile, Sanyo Denki fans are recognized as the most reliable system fans in the world.

The World's Most Advanced Workstation

APEXX 5 is the world’s most advanced x86 workstation. When you absolutely need the maximum number of expansion cards, hard drives, memory, and CPU cores, you won’t hear “we can’t do that” from BOXX. No matter the size and scope of your workflow, APEXX 5 can be customized to accommodate. Featuring dual Intel® Xeon® 2600 v4 processors with up to 44 cores (88 threads), and the most expansion slots of any workstation, configurations that were never before possible are now a reality.

Featuring simultaneous utilizations of these expansion options:

  • Four full x16 PCI-E 3.0 expansion slots
  • (1) PCI-E 2.0 x8 (x4 electrical), (1) PCI-E 3.0 x16 (x8 electrical), (1) PCI-E x8 (x8 electrical)
  • Eight full-sized hard drives
Size Overview



Ready for the Ultimate Workstation?
APEXX 5 delivers more storage and GPU options than any other workstation on the market!


Professional Overclocking


APEXX 5 meets Iron Man


American Metal: The BOXX Chassis Story


Are You a Mark or a Mike?

Engineered in the USA

At BOXX, we’re engineers and creative professionals too. In fact, we rely on SolidWorks, 3Ds Max, and other applications every day. Our chassis are designed by BOXX engineers and proudly manufactured in the USA, but they aren’t built for sending emails or gaming. They’re crafted out of aircraft quality aluminum and steel strengthening components. That means maximum airflow and cool, quiet operation—even with the most demanding hardware configurations.

Tech Support

At BOXX, we understand that you need to be back working just as soon as possible when something goes wrong. That's why YOUR productivity is always our top priority. Our in-house technical support operatives will attempt to recreate any issues you have in an effort to reproduce even the most obscure problem. We'll even overnight parts when necessary during your premium warranty period.


The BOXX Workflow

Keep working while you render! BOXX offers unique hardware packages specifically designed to reduce the bottlenecks that plague professional software applications. By offloading your rendering, simulation, or other multi-threaded tasks, creativity never has to be put on hold by your hardware. That's the philosophy behind The BOXX Workflow.