BOXX Video Library
Our ever-growing video library features in-depth product reviews of the entire BOXX family of workstations and rendering systems, inspirational customer stories, quirky TV commercials, and educational information on finding the right system for you! Dig in and get to know BOXX!

Are you a Mark or a Mike?
Mark and Mike are two totally different guys. But, BOXX can help them both...


Customer Story - Gary Walker


What is VDI?


Customer Story - Orange County Choppers


Pro VDI™ 8401R-V is here!


G12 Rack Mount Server


G8 Rack Mount Server


SolidWorks World 2016


SWW 2016 iRay Server Demo


A Quick Look at renderPRO 1


What's a renderBOXX?


APEXX 5 - The Ultimate Workstation


BOXX Special Build Program


BOXX SolidWorks Workstations


The BOXX Advantage


APEXX 5 meets Iron Man


The Making of Kevin Margo's CONSTRUCT


How to Setup your renderPRO


Introducing renderPRO 1


Customer Story - Blue Marble 3D


Customer Story - Lanmar


Mac Pro? No.
Friends don't let friends purchase inferior hardware...


Introducing APEXX 1


Customer Story - PBK Architects


Legendary Technical Support


The Benefits of the BOXX Workflow


Professional Overclocking


Customer Story - Pi Architects


Don't Just Take Our Word For It


American Metal: The BOXX Chassis Story


Introducing GoBOXX MXL




APEXX 4 - The Ultimate in Configurability


R.O.W. - RenderFarm on Wheels


The Professional's Choice
There is a HUGE difference between a PC and a workstation...


Introducing APEXX 2