Virtually all 3D CAD applications are single threaded. This means that the core functionality does not utilize more than one CPU core. The only way to extract more performance form your workstation is to increase the clock speed of the CPU with overclocking.

To illustrate the benefits of a BOXX overclocked workstation, let's take a look at a representative SolidWorks user and the daily tasks they perform that are restricted by the clock speed of their CPU. For this example let's say this user is running SolidWorks on an Intel® Core™ i7 running at 3.5GHz. Let's say this user needs to rebuild a model six times daily, which requires ten minutes per rebuild. This represents one hour of "wait time" daily using the single 3.5GHz CPU. A BOXX overclocked workstation can perform those same tasks 20% faster.

Finally, we'll say this user earns a rate of $43 per hour. With these assumptions, let's take a look at the costs savings that can be realized using a BOXX overclocked workstation.

We realize the scenario above may not be consistent with everyone's workflow.