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Customer Reviews

The value of a BOXX product extends far beyond the hardware itself. Below you'll find a sample of what some of our customers have to say about their experience with us.

Peter Tournas
Laars Heating Systems Co.

"The designers in our Engineering Dept. have been using BOXX workstations for years. The engineers love these workstations for their power, reliability, and speed. As the IT guy who sets up these machines for them, when a BOXX comes in, it's a clean setup and preparing it for use requires nothing more than configuring the network connection and installing the software your user needs. BOXX does workstations better than any other company I know of. Thanks for a great product and for making my job easier!"

Jason Smith
Sightline Studios Inc.

Just thought you should know that I am very pleased with the Tech Support that I am receiving with my BOXX machine; in particular, both the follow up and the lack of red tape. Your company is about making it work for professionals. You are willing to get things fixed and done fast. If I had known that BOXX was this different, I would have made the switch years ago. I have been working with different computer systems for 14 years as a producer, and editor and have yet to feel like I have someone on my side trying to get things resolved. The experience has truly been awesome. Keep it up and I will be back for more.

Adam Ambrecht
Ambrecht Consulting Group

The GoBOXX arrived ahead of schedule, July 21st (scheduled arrival date was Aug. 1st). I'll admit that I was unsure of the decision to spend this much on a computer system. I had concerns about my ability to use the performance that this machine possessed. I had concerns about my ability to recover the expense in increased work output and overall performance. The cost of the system made it seem like an indulgence bordering on vulgar.

I had those concerns.

This machine is nothing short of incredible. "Create at the speed of thought." I thought this was a marketing slogan—a clever slogan to be sure, but still marketing hype. After having used this system for the last two weeks, I can say that all of those fears have been allayed, and I know the slogan is honest.

This is an expensive computer system; the performance supports the cost. My ability to utilize the system performance; I didn't realize until I used the new BOXX system how much time I actually spent waiting for my previous mobile workstation to keep up. Concerns about recovering cost; I have had to re-evaluate project Gantt charts based on new shorter design timelines, just because of the speed of this system. The quality of this system, the speed and performance, for a professional using SolidWorks for hours every day, the system isn't an indulgence—it is a necessity.

The only downside I can see, and this is an admittedly weak downside; billable hours decrease because the system is so fast. My efficiency is up and more clients can be brought in using the increased work capacity. Overall, the system is great, and the only downside isn't really a downside, it just appears that way if only a very short time is considered.

Len Wagner
Triumph Engineering Group Inc

The increase in speed and productivity is more than what we hoped for. We have a (name brand) workstation with a 3.0 GHz Xeon, 12 GB memory, 64 bit Win 7 that took many, many minutes to load a huge SolidWorks assembly. With those assembly files on our server, the BOXX loads in 2 minutes. If the files are on the hard drive in the BOXX, the model loads in 15 seconds. Manipulating the views and doing cross sections are much, much faster. And we are very pleased with how quiet it is. Lots of fans, but very low noise. We are very happy. We’re saving up for a second, third…. Well done.

President | Landscape Architect of L.H. BELL LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT PC

I know that my company is small and not a rendering farm, but being small means that (more than ever) we need computers with speed that we can depend on. We got it with the BOXX. We looked inside, where we found orderly, laid out elements with the wiring neatly gathered and placed logically. Things weren't just tossed in with wires running across the different boards and fans. And speaking about fans—four fans, four very quiet fans, much quieter than the two Dell machines with only two fans. I bought the BOXX for the speed and it delivers! Our production continues to improve. We aren't waiting for files to regenerate. By our estimate, we have picked up 1.5 to 2.0 hours of production each day over our Dell machines. I want to tell you and everyone at BOXX thanks for making a great product. We are budgeting for another one in the very near future.

Peter Klein

I spend half of my time in Alaska working as a corrosion analyst for an oil company. I used to build my own PCs, but figured out that BOXX can do it better. It's fantastic, as expected. It's running right now next to a five-year-old BOXX workstation that I'm retiring. Five years between upgrades in this case is a testament to quality. These are great machines.

Gene Brian, Director of Engineering and Operations
Technical Productions, Inc.

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say the GoBOXX arrived last Monday (a day ahead of promised) and I've had nothing but fun with it since. I put together a small 'portable' SATA/USB drive and happily found that 3ds MAX would tolerate the SATA transfer speed without having to actually copy the files onto the machine. I did the comparison of identical renderings between my desktop and the GoBOXX: 4:26 on the desktop...0.38 on the GoBOXX. That's gotta make you smile.

Mark Kennedy, owner
true motion works

True Motion Works has been using Boxx systems for approximately three years. We simply couldn't be without Boxx equipment. Using Boxx systems have saved a small fortune and aided in maximizing our company's growth. If you're serious about design and need a rock solid platform for your future creations Boxx is the only way to go.

Joe Brandibas
Technical Arts Department Chair at Full Sail University

When searching for new machines to expand our render farm, we really wanted the most bang for our buck. Most other systems we looked at came with a lot of overhead and extra cost for features we would never use. The renderBOXX systems were designed for our exact needs and we were able to implement the systems right out of the box with very little configuration. BOXX designs their systems for the graphics industry and it shows in their final product.

Johnny Grasso
Grasso Design

I can't thank you enough for your prompt, knowledgeable and helpful replies to my many queries. Time and again I’m reminded why I chose BOXX.

Daniel Gies
Freelance Artist

It has already made a huge improvement in my work flow. No more crashing during 2K renders. Editing is smooth and hassle free, and my 3D and compositing renders are 8 to 10 times faster than before. Things I couldn't dream of doing in one render pass are now possible, and I’m rendering in a few hours as opposed to a day. In addition, I don’t have to waste a whole bunch of time splitting the more complex shots into a whole bunch of locked layers. CS5 is functioning flawlessly so far and no hardware/driver based crashes. I am putting in way less effort for the same results without all the headaches and endless nights before.

Tim Kolb

Unfortunately, even most IT experts are unfamiliar with how a video post production or animation computer workstation needs to perform. I’m a BOXX customer because I don’t have time to build a computer or research the compatibility of various components. I need a workstation that runs under load every day and actual people to talk to when I run into a question. BOXX continues to come through for me long after the purchase is complete. . .

Dr. Roy Nuzzo, MD

I have gotten more modeling done in a week with the GoBOXX than in a month without. It really boogies. Being able to do things in places where time was wasted otherwise really adds up—way more than I would have guessed.

Brian Stark
The Stark Agency

I just wanted you to know that I received the package today. The computer is artisan quality. It’s absolutely amazing. The attention to detail is just beyond sick. I mean I’ve seen good computers before, but this thing just like came off a mothership or something. I’m really, really, pleased. I can’t really put it in words. It booted up great. I’m already well into installing software and everything seems completely stable. I’ve run all kinds of tests on it and everything is just absolutely beyond what I expected and I thank you guys for doing such a great job. Thank you very much.

Doug Meyer
Procter & Gamble

Got the machine today. Looks great. Build quality is top notch. As expected its rendering a notable amount faster than the Dual-Quad (2.93 Ghz) Mac Pro sitting here.

Lari B. Davis

BOXX has been the absolute BEST computer that I have ever owned!

Isaac Mann

I have said it before but I'll say it again. Every time I call you guys, and it isn't often, I get the best customer support I have received from any company dealing with electronics of any sort. I'm not quite sure how you guys pull it off when no one else even comes close, but don't change a thing. You've nailed the concept! Thanks!

Wm. Cullen Bengston
Booz | Allen | Hamilton, Inc.

Your support folks are pros. I have the system up and running with Win 7 about a week ahead of schedule.

Steve Abbott
3D/Video Production Project Lead, Stanley Associates

BOXX Technologies has provided Stanley with products and customer service beyond our expectations. As a government contractor we have special needs and restrictions. BOXX has not only dealt with these issues competently, but helped our internal IT department to develop necessary solutions. More than once, BOXX Technical Support has saved us days of frustration; on one occasion replacing multiple pieces of hardware on the chance that one of them was bad—saving us significant trial and error problem tracking. By knowing and supporting both our hardware and our software, they have provided solutions significantly quicker than any other workstation manufacture can. They allow us to avoid the tech support blame game of software vs. hardware. When I call BOXX, I know I will get a solution.

Last year, I had the pleasure of an internal direct comparison. One contract had to buy a Dell; the other was able to get a BOXX. The BOXX workstation was $300 cheaper, about 30% faster at rendering, 15% faster in basic 3D work, and 20% faster at video editing (while have significantly fewer problems). One phone call to BOXX was all it ever took to handle any question or problem I had. If there was something they could not answer, they called me back with a solution and I never had to call them back! The issues I had with the Dell never got handled without at least 3 different calls and there was no point in asking software questions, as no one know anything about Autodesk 3ds Max or Adobe products.

As a professional with real production deadlines, I can’t afford not to go with BOXX workstations.

Luke Smith
Indiana Historical Society

We bought the BOXX workstations to run the kiosks in a public exhibit called Destination Indiana, a Flash-based touch-screen interactive experience that spotlights my organization's collection of more than 2 million historic photographs. It's graphically quite beautiful and the 2500+ photos that are used in the exhibit are around 6 cabillion DPI, so I'm really relying on what your systems can do to make it work. So I'll mention that my second batch of six BOXX systems have been great to work with; no BS promo apps to uninstall, easy set up, love the dual network ports out of the box and best: super-duper speedy (and moving that slider over to "TURBO!" made me feel like a stud and THAT'S marketing entertainment you guys can take to the bank).

Al Cassista
Alliance Director, Aspen Technology, Inc.

Just a quick note of thanks for the unbelievable support you and your team have provided me with my new machine! I really appreciated your help and team support. To be honest, I was stunned to find a Fed Ex package at my door when I got home (the day after the call) with the correct cable for my monitor in the package. Everything is now working fine. With the exception of very few companies, this kind of service is very rare these days and I really appreciate it. Thanks again!

Shawn Zindroski
SNL Creative Inc. "Create, Build and Collect"

I bought a GoBOXX and love the system. We did a lot of work for our website on it. Thanks for all the help. You’re the company that truly created the BOXX you can think out of.

Bryan Johnson
Licensed SolidWorks customer for 12 years

Just the speed alone of the machine has saved me countless hours of regen time. In one side- by-side test (my own non scientific test) the BOXX was 43% faster than a comparable workstation. This is a huge difference and a huge value. I have also found their support to be first class, above and beyond, (and in my opinion) second to none.

Jeremy Canton
Digital Artist

I just wanted to drop you a line saying THANK YOU so much! My 3DBOXX arrived the morning after shipping out - you guys stay true to your word and I absolutely appreciate that to no end. Everything is running beautifully. I can't get over how much care went into building this machine. After buying from BOXX, I don't think I could ever buy from any other computer company ever again. My highest compliments to all the guys at BOXX Technologies.

Tim Hansen
Kansas State University

I LOVE MY BOXX!! And yes, I do shout that out randomly. School is really starting to pick up. Having a reliable computer makes it a lot easier. I haven't even come close to using its full potential, but I look forward to the day I get to. Thanks for providing a quality product and superb customer service. It’s a rarity, and I appreciate it immensely.

Jason La Brie
Creative Artist

Everything is fantastic! The best system I have ever owned! I can render anything my mind can imagine at maximum quality, and it doesn't take days! This system finally gave me the creative freedom that I've always wanted.

Walter Thompson
Information Technology Director at 5+design

Those Machines ROCK!!!!!!! They love them… Thanks a bunch… But sorry to say I do have a few problems with the machines:

  1. People don’t have time for coffee while booting up anymore.
  2. No more excuses about not meeting deadlines because their computer is not powerful enough.
  3. No more time to chit chat during rendering because by the time they finish their first sentence, the rendering is done.
  4. Cheeks constantly hurting from the excessive smiling because of how smooth and powerful the workstations work.
  5. Jealousy from all the others who did not get the new BOXX workstations.

I’m wearing one of our new BOXX t-shirts and one of my designers asked me if wearing the shirt also make me work faster….LOL!!!!

Brian Couzins
Tundra Media

“WOW! It really smokes! Customer service had been phenomenal and I wish I could buy more systems from BOXX”.

Todd Lawrimore
Lead Animator at Shaw Science Partners Atlanta

The system setup went smoothly. One of the animators claimed the t-shirt immediately! The inclusion of the thumb drive with certain files pre-installed is a very nice touch. The design of the case in nice too. It took at least 10 minutes for me to realize the system appeared to have no hard drives. Knowing that was impossible, It took another minute to trace the SATA lines around to the back of the motherboard—clever.

Sukwon Shin
Award Winner: Best Well-Told Fable Prize: Unbelievable Four at Siggraph 2009

It has been great joy to work with my BOXX workstation. It would have been really painful if I had any type of problem related to the computer, so, I really appreciate your awesome computer and great customer service which have outperformed all others.

Mark Kennedy
True Motion Works

Allow me to express my opinion on how wonderful BOXX systems are and how they make our job so much better. I have to be honest, having used a range of systems over the years, BOXX has always been superior. I could not switch to a different system again. Huge scenes are a breeze and speedy local renders make production effortless.

Norman Hathaway
Javelin JV Communications

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and BOXX for the fantastic machine you have provided. It is an absolute joy to work on!

Eric Oldham
Creative Director at Class on Demand

We have four BOXX workstations and we’re getting ready to order a fifth. We chose BOXX via a recommendation, and we continue to choose BOXX Technologies because their hardware is solid, their tech support is responsive, and their prices are competitive. It means a lot to work with a company that goes above and beyond. Our salesperson is easy to communicate with and seems to care about what we need vs. what she can sell us. I appreciate that with a BOXX, I only need to worry about diagnosing software issues – hardware is never a variable!

Steve Abbott
3D/Video Project Lead at Stanley, Inc.

I must say our overall experience with BOXX has been more than impressive. Our salesperson has gone out of his way on more than one occasion to provide us with the best information on our needs. The support we have received has been first rate and timely.

Santiago Garay
3D Visualization Manager at PAYETTE

The laptop is performing incredibly well—at the point where the CPU and graphics are better than our current 1 year old workstations. You guys are way better than Dell and everybody knows it here.

Jeff Edson
CEO, Assimilate

"BOXX has demonstrated a real level of continued commitment to RED filmmaking with the redBOXX II. This machine powers our Scratch software to astounding levels of performance never available before."

Michael Cioni
Director of Operations, Plaster City Digital Post

"redBOXX II is in a class all by itself. For real-time tape dailies, conforming, or color grading on the fly, it’s nothing short of extraordinary—an ideal all-in-one machine for digital post production."

Steve Mays
CTO at X2 Technologies

We have been putting these renderBOXX systems into special effects companies for the last year and love them. Density is great (so much so that the datacenter folks really need to think about power and cooling), but the price sells it. HP, Dell and IBM sell blades, but miss on price/complexity. I don't want shared backplane with shared ports. I want each and every core to have dedicated resources. I don’t want convoluted power distribution. I want standard plugs (if I can't have DC powered). I don't want a convoluted management tool and lights out cable when I can have VGA and USB on the front of the thing along with IPMI. I want expandability. These renderBOXXes have PCI-e x16 so you can put a fusion-IO card in them (or network, SAN, etc).

Trevor Park
Managing Director at Towers Rentals

Just wanted to give you the head's up that Cocaine Nation and Heroin Nation (films documenting U.S. drug issues) premiered on Discovery Channel last night. Many thanks to the renderBOXX efforts. Check out the 3D graphics!

Jamie Byers
Digital Hyper Studios

This was a piece I did. Actually, it's one of many visual FX shots that I did for a Christian Bible film. Just thought I'd share it with you—all done using my BOXX and my renderBOXXes. Without them, I don't think I could have gotten the project completed in time.

Mark Dowling
Project Manager / Graphic Artist at Innovative Show Design

We have just come off the Super Bowl XLIII and building the set for the SPEED network for Daytona 500. The renderBOXX system helped us out immensely and just in time to help us juggle all of our projects.

Tom Rusteburg
Wanderplay Studios

A client whom I've never worked with before sent me this sketch Monday evening, 7-8ish, and said he needed it Wednesday morning to print out at 8ft x 4ft. That left a day to model the scene, render it out at more than 10K wide, and do post work. Here's what I handed off a couple of hours ago at over 10K in rendered length and less than a day’s turnaround time. I'm glad I have these metal things with the word BOXX on them in the studio.