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The year 2018 may still be many months away, but the much anticipated Autodesk 2018 software releases have arrived now! From 3ds Max to Revit, Inventor to AutoCAD, and more, the 2018 versions offer a host of new features and enhancements designed to make you work faster and more efficiently. But as these and other professional applications continue to evolve and improve, it’s imperative that your workstation keeps pace. If you currently rely on an out-of-date system, it’s actually impeding your productivity, costing you valuable time and money. But if you upgrade to professionally overclocked and multi-core APEXX systems optimized for the latest Autodesk features, you’ll accelerate your CAD design, 3D modeling, or motion media workflow into 2018 and beyond.

Maximum Performance

Autodesk, like most professional software providers, does provide system requirements, however, (in most cases) those recommendations lean toward minimum system requirements. Purpose-built BOXX workstations are optimized for your particular Autodesk workflow, so be sure to consult our solutions pages and/or call our expert performance specialists at 1.877.877.BOXX to determine which APEXX workstation will run your Autodesk 2018 applications faster, smoother, and more reliably than ever before.


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