New Design and New Product Names

With the release of our new flagship workstation, the APEXX S3 (it’s awesome, please go check it out), it’s the perfect time to address our updated product naming convention. You may be familiar with our APEXX line of workstations, which vary in size from 1 to 5 (APEXX rackmounts are available with up to 8 GPUs). Initially, this numeral was closely tied to the number of GPUs the chassis could support, yet, as technology evolved, this approach became outdated and exposing the number of supported GPUs within the product name no longer made sense.

In addition, we wanted to make it easier for new customers, or those who are simply unfamiliar with our products, to find their desired solution. We recognize that you may not know you need an APEXX 2 for example, but you are aware that your software will run more efficiently with an 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor. To that end, we are reorganizing our lineup into classes based upon the technology platform.

How It Works

To better explain our naming scheme, we’ll use the APEXX S3 as an example. APEXX will remain the name brand of our high performance professional workstations, while S designates the class or underlying technology platform, and 3 specifies the size of the chassis. Any given class can potentially have multiple chassis size options, depending upon your needs.

We’ve already rolled out the APEXX S3, which is the first S-Class workstation under the new naming scheme. Throughout the end of 2017 and into 2018, we will continue to introduce new classes, so see the table below for planned product classes and corresponding technology platforms. Our website's product navigation may appear a bit confusing during this transition but we hope to have it all sorted out in the coming weeks.

NOTE: Just because a new class type has yet to be introduced on the website does not necessarily mean that the configuration isn’t available in a legacy APEXX model. If you have questions, see our legacy APEXX workstations, or call a BOXX performance specialist at 512-852-0400.

Chassis Sizes

As mentioned above, any given product class can potentially accommodate multiple chassis sizes. You’ll find the majority of available chassis options on the corresponding product class page.

For questions, contact a BOXX performance specialist at 512-852-0400.