We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the APEXX 2 Model 3402 and APEXX 4 Model 7402 with 8-core Intel® Core™ i7 processors overclocked to 4.125GHz. What does this mean for you? Increased performance in single threaded applications vs. its stock clock of 3GHz and faster renders with 33GHz of aggregate frequency for rendering.

At BOXX, we’ve solved the problem of single-threaded bottlenecks in programs like Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, and SolidWorks, as well as other professional applications where viewport performance (panning, zooming, and manipulating 3D objects), opening/closing assemblies, and doing rebuilds are bound by the frequency of the processor, not the number of cores or the GPU. But what if rendering or simulation is an important part of your workflow? The paradox here is that you need more CPU cores, but with an increase in cores, a decrease in frequency inevitably follows. For those of you that can’t compromise performance, our engineers have delivered the perfect solution.

With a 37.5% increase in absolute and aggregate frequency, our new overclocked eight-core processors deliver a one-two punch to your workflow.

Overclocking Done Right

We’ve discussed the details of overclocking before, but here’s a summary of how BOXX overclocking differs from anything else on the market:

  1. Guaranteed, predictable frequency – Unlike system integrators that focus on gaming, we know that professionals need predictable and reliable speeds in order to get the job done. Other manufacturers overclock their systems on an individual basis, where you gamble on what speed you’ll ultimately receive. To make matters worse, that speed is not guaranteed to continue for the life of the system. Your BOXX overclocked workstation, on the other hand, is guaranteed to maintain its speed from the time of purchase through the life of its warranty.

  2. Truly engineered overclocking – You may notice that we don’t offer our overclocked systems immediately after launching new CPU platforms. That’s because we wait for the final, retail CPUs to become available and then build up to 25 units that (over many weeks) endure rigorous testing. The final result is a stable, safely overclocked system certified in various professional suites like Autodesk.

  3. Locked-BOM design – You only need consider one BIOS with settings that hold the overclock for all of your BOXX workstations (within the same model), because our overclocked systems all rely on the same BIOS (per model.) This is essential for IT groups required to manage dozens (or even hundreds) of our systems.

Performance Results

As proof of the real-world performance increase that overclocking delivers, we’ve compiled some key benchmarks, but let’s first take a look (by the numbers) at the details of what overclocking means:


You’ll see here that a significant frequency drop results when moving from an overclocked four-core to stock eight-core processor – frequency that you need for maximum performance in single-threaded performance. But you’ll also see that our overclocked eight-core system has clawed back some of that absolute frequency to deliver performance where you need it.


Here you’ll find that the aggregate frequency for rendering or simulation surpasses even the more expensive ten-core Intel® Xeon™, due to the overclocked  8-core's 37.5% advantage over stock-clocks. This means that you’re getting the best of both worlds – frequency where you need it and cores when it counts, even at a lower price point.


This graph shows the whole story. Compared to our extremely popular 4920XT with a 4.5GHz Intel® Core™ i7 4960X (blue bars)  six-core processor, the new APEXX workstations with overclocked 4.125GHz Intel® Core™ i7 5960X eight-core processors (green bars) not only perform better across the board against it, but they also show just how much more performance you’re getting versus the stock clock of the Intel® Core™ i7 5960X (red bars.)


Overclocking is key to unlocking your potential in day-to-day work. We’ve been doing it for years. We’ve shipped thousands of safely overclocked systems and guarantee their overclocked performance for the life of the warranty. The majority of these run flawlessly for five, six, seven, or more years. We can help you get more done, faster, than any product offered by Dell or HP. That means you can impress your customers, make more money, and grow your business. At BOXX, we’re honored to be a part of that.

If our 8-core overclocked workstations interest you - check out our APEXX 2 Model 3402 and APEXX 4 Model 7402 product details pages that include spec sheets, configurators, and checkout options.

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