Tiered, Scripted Support Does Not Cut It For The Creative Professional

Companies use a lot of words to describe their technical support: fanatical, friendly, knowledgeable. But in reality, we know that in the PC business, most technical support is none of these things. Surely you’ve experienced the headache: the endless “press 1 for this, press 2 for that, please hold” automated answering services with long wait times, and outsourced support that sticks to the script regardless of what you tell them (even if you know their script by heart and try to give them all their answers at once, just hoping to abbreviate the mind-numbing call as much as possible). And when the voice at the other end reaches the conclusion of the script and realizes they can’t help you, they pass you on to the next level where you start all over again. “And whom am I speaking with? What’s your serial number? What’s your problem? Oh, you’ll have to talk to your software vendor about that.” Frankly, outsourced, script-driven, tiered support simply cannot assist the creative professional when they are experiencing issues inside their workflow. The purpose-built custom workstations that BOXX produces (and others attempt to emulate) are complicated enough. But when you install the software our users need to make their living, like Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Maya, Revit or Navisworks, and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks and CATiA, load them up with plug-ins, setup network rendering, and/or introduce complimentary programs for GPU rendering with V-Ray, Octane Render, or any other non-native application, and things get hairy very fast. At what point is it a hardware issue? Could it be outdated software? Drivers? Failing memory? Better figure it out fast because you have a deadline!

The BOXX Difference

This is where BOXX comes in. Our certified systems allow us access to the highest level of support from our software partners, and our expert engineers are familiar with your workflow and applications, serving as conduits to your specific software vendor to ensure that the best of both software and hardware support is available to you so you can stop waiting and get back to creating.

“When we call BOXX tech support, we speak directly to a professional located at their headquarters, who is easy to communicate with. And if we need something, we get it right away.
George Matos
Blue Marble 3D

As a freelance designer I needed a super-fast, reliable system. I chose BOXX because the system specs vs. the competitors, BOXX won hands down. That is coupled with the fact that their support staff knows the programs I use every day. I've had to use the support team and I'm really glad I bought a BOXX!
Brad Magnus
Web and Motion Graphics Designer

A BOXX is more than specs (although those are great). It is pure peace of mind from the initial call or online configure to the delivery and startup. Other brands simply don't have the expertise, care, or hands on support that BOXX can provide and most of the time, they don't beat the price point for the specs.
Michael Pollard
Medical Animator
Visual Health Studios

Legendary BOXX Tech Support is based 100% in the US, and located at BOXX headquarters in Austin, TX. This provides us immediate access to the tools and resources they need to support you and your specific workflow. We will attempt to recreate issues you may have utilizing our own hardware and software in an effort to reproduce even the most obscure problem. We’ll even overnight parts when necessary (during the premium warranty period.) We understand that you need to be back working as soon as possible as down time means money. Your productivity will always be our top priority. Randall Marley, our Support Supervisor of nearly 13 years says, "Our customer focus separates us from all the rest. We’re not simply interested in selling hardware but seeing the results." To that end, every support ticket is followed up with a customer survey. "Every time we close a support ticket, the customer receives a link to complete a satisfaction survey. Those survey scores are compiled and used as one of several facets of our Support group performance," said Marley. "This allows us to continually improve our support process to ensure we are delivering world-class support." We share these numbers at each month's company-wide meeting, so we all know just how well we are delivering value to our customers in the way we address any issues they may have.

If you walk around BOXX headquarters, you’ll find magnificent artwork created by our loyal customers. From Hollywood blockbuster movie posters and 3D animation from the world of media and entertainment, to marvelously detailed architectural and engineering designs, we are proud to showcase the work created on our products. As we have partnered with these talented individuals, studios, and firms throughout the world; allow us to partner with you as well because with a high performance BOXX system backed by our legendary technical support, you can rest assured that you’re using the finest hardware available, supported by the best team in the business.

And don't just take our word for it, please take a look at some of the kind words our customers have to say about us here, and check out some in-depth customer stories that dive deeper into what sets BOXX apart here.

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