The BOXX APEXX 8R featuring 8X Nvidia Quadro P6000 GPUs will be on display at GTC in San Jose at the BOXX booth #423.

Which scenario would you want in a collaborative design review or have access to throughout the design process? Be sure to watch the video above in full screen HD.

The 2016 release of Solidworks included a new visualization tool called Visualize which enables designers to quickly and easily generate marketing quality renderings. In 2017, Solidworks Visualize added additional functionality with the announcement of PowerBoost. This feature allows the user to draw on the resources of a GPU accelerated network rendering server, or an Nvidia VCA, and stream the end result directly back to the end user’s viewport.

In addition to frame rendering for animations, PowerBoost enables a user to dramatically accelerate design iterations with rapid, real time visual feedback. Design elements and features can be evaluated in the context of real world materials, finishes and photo-real environments.

In addition, time to market can be accelerated by reducing the need for physical prototypes and accelerating the generation of marketing collateral and other sales tools.

Why Offload Rendering?

The majority of BOXX customers running Solidworks rely on Nvidia Quadro graphics for 3D design and modeling tasks. GPUs like the M2000 and M4000 are perfect for 3D model creation, but lack the required compute power to deliver real-time ray traced rendering.

It’s all about the number of CUDA cores you have at your disposal. More CUDA cores mean more passes can be computed in less time thus reducing noise more quickly. The video above demonstrates the benefits of offloading rendering to the multi-GPU APEXX 8R server. Make a note of the number of passes achieved by the single GPU compared to the 8 GPU server. Also, you can visually take into account how quickly the 8 GPU server eliminates noise.

We're currently offering the multi-GPU APEXX 8R on a limited basis to select customers. Please contact a BOXX performance specialist for more information at 512-835-0400.