Learn About ARCHICAD 21’s Feature Updates

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Graphisoft has released its latest version of ARCHICAD, one of the leading BIM (Building Information Modeling) software platforms on the market. ARCHICAD 21 has several key upgrades for architects, designers, and other professionals, but its most highly anticipated new feature is the Stair Tool, making stairs easy and fun to design.

ARCHICAD 21 is Graphisoft’s best BIM software solution yet, offering intuitive design and allowing for easy collaboration, maximum productivity, and a user interface that’s easy to learn. Learn more about ARCHICAD in this informative video.
The latest version’s updates make ARCHICAD the BIM solution to choose for your business or architecture firm. It runs smoothly on various computer configurations, and it even allows for presentations on iOS through BIMx on the iPad. Read more about ARCHICAD 21’s updates below.

Stair and Railing Tools

Stair design can be an extremely detail-oriented and complex task in any architecture project since the set of stairs must not only be beautiful but also comply with local regulations. In the past, designing stairs meant constantly making revisions to meet code in the building. ARCHICAD 21 removes this barrier to stair design by integrating architects’ design sense with human ergonomics, creating optimal designs with the program, quickly and easily.

The new stair tool allows you to draw the stair shape you want, and the software shows you several design options that are physically possible within the space and meet the building’s standards and code. You can also use the Railing Tool to instantly add railings along the stairs or walls of the building, customizing as necessary. ARCHICAD 21’s Stair and Railing Tools are next-gen, innovative and will change the way you and your firm design buildings, saving time and resources.

Element Classification System

With ARCHICAD 21, there’s now a flexible way to classify elements that support your company’s or any national identification standards. Previous versions of ARCHICAD used a fixed set of Element Classifications, but this added functionality allows for interoperability between different disciplines and different classification systems. ARCHICAD 21 uses the XML file format to transfer element classifications between projects.

Collision Detection System

As BIM becomes a format for other consultants to provide information to architects, Collision Detection is a necessary part of the ARCHICAD feature set. The new Collison Detection feature will help you and your team retain control of their projects even as consultants add features to the overall file. Collision Detection also helps roll repetitive tasks into single steps. For example, if you needed to check the fire resistance rating of a set of doors in the design file, Collision Detection will let you check all the doors at once, saving you valuable time.

Updated CineRender Engine and Performance Enhancements

MAXON’s CineRender Engine provides photorealistic rendering in ARCHICAD 21, adding Light Mapping and Secondary GI functionality in its new engine. These new features make the rendering even faster, more realistic, and help you create the best models possible.

ARCHICAD 21 includes various other under-the-hood enhancements that make the software the best yet. Try the latest version of ARCHICAD 21 to step up your BIM.

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