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Cadalyst - June 04, 2020

Can 1-to-1 Remote Workstations Provide the Same Performance as Local Machines?

“Herrera on Hardware: Are you concerned about latency with a remote computing solution? You’ll want to evaluate whether response time and image quality meet your expectations or are noticeable enough to be an issue.”

Cadalyst - May 21, 2020

Boxx Expands into Remote Workstations with Help from Cirrascale

“With many employees forced to work from home, remote datacenter workstations make more sense than ever — and the arrival of Boxx Cloud Services couldn’t be more timely.”

Revit Community - May 01, 2020

BOXX Delivers HPC Right In the Comfort of Your Home with Boxx Cloud Services

“BOXX Technologies recently announced BOXX Cloud Services (BCS), a pay-as-you-go service that offers a high-performance workstation in the cloud, hosted by BOXX.” - April 28, 2020

BOXX Announces Cloud Services Targeting AEC Companies

“Promises access to high-performance CAD workstations to reduce IT headaches.”

architosh - April 27, 2020

BOXX Intros ‘BOXX Cloud Services’ (BCS) Virtual Cloud Workstations

“Architecture, Engineering, and Product Design firms can now experience the power and performance of BOXX workstations in a virtual private cloud.”

Yahoo Finance - April 22, 2020

BOXX Introduces Cloud Service Powered by High Performance Workstations

“Architectural, Engineering, and Product Design Firms Can Now Experience the Power and Performance of BOXX Workstations in a Virtual Private Cloud”