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Special Build Program


BOXX Special Build Program

At BOXX, we’re privileged to work with companies that do amazing work and create amazing things. While we have a broad portfolio of products designed to help firms and individuals in their creative endeavors, sometimes they require something that is truly custom to best fit their workflow. To that end, we offer a Special Build program that leverages our deep understanding of the professional applications that you use every day to tailor a solution that is highly customized to get the job done.

True Engineering

At BOXX, we have an engineering staff comprised of mechanical, technical, and systems engineers that are skilled in solving complex workflow bottlenecks found in corner-cases for highly specialized projects. Sometimes that may mean adapting some of our off-the-shelf products, or even creating all-new solutions.

Some of the engineering capabilities we offer are:

  • Customized enclosures and modifications
  • Customized operating system images
  • Integration services
  • Unique form-factor overclocked and liquid cooled workstations and servers


A BOXX For Every Occasion

From control center large display walls, clustered computing, high performance remote access and virtualized workstations, to highly integrated, GPU-dense compute and rendering solutions and real-time 3D visualization for live events, we’ve solved some of the most complex hardware problems that a creative professional could encounter. We’d love the opportunity to help you with your next project. Click the link below, fill out the form, and a performance specialist will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Contact a performance specialist.