deep learning server

deep learning server

deep learning server

Instead of spending months integrating, configuring, and troubleshooting your deep learning server and software, fast-track your AI initiative with DGX-A100, a solution that works right out of the box. Simply plug in, power up, and gain insights in hours thanks to the integrated NVIDIA deep learning software stack. In addition to leveraging the Ubuntu Linux Host OS, DGX- 1 also supports Red Hat for organizations that require seamless integration within their existing enterprise IT management tools.


  • AMD Rome 7742, 128 cores total, 2.25 GHz (base), 3.4 GHz (max boost)
  • 1TB System Memory
  • 8x NVIDIA A100 40 GB GPUs- 320GB Total Memory
  • Ubuntu Linux OS


Max Configurable Memory:512GB


Most BOXX workstations include a standard three-year limited warranty and legendary BOXX Technical Support. Providing unparalleled hardware and software expertise, our support team is located at company headquarters in Austin, Texas and equipped with the tools and resources necessary to support you and your workflow.

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