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Custom Intel Xeon Workstations and Rendering Solutions

"PCs are great for so many applications, but they’re not ideal for all applications.” Truer words were never spoken. If you’re sending emails, making spreadsheets, watching videos, or spending time on social media, you can’t beat the trusty PC. However, if you’re a VFX artist, animator, film editor, architect, engineer, product designer, or other creative pro, your 3D applications demand the power and performance of a professional grade APEXX workstation from BOXX. This commercial says it all.

Built For Pros with Intel Inside

At BOXX, we strive to create solutions for everyday workflow bottlenecks. That means we design systems that excel in all areas of your daily work. As an engineer, architect, or visual effects artist, once you’ve finished creating 3D models, products, assemblies, and buildings, your key activities include rendering and simulation. For maximum viewport efficiency while creating and manipulating 3D objects, we focus on single-threaded performance, yet BOXX also understands that, for the rendering and simulation portions of your workflow, there’s just no substitute for the brute force of CPU cores. Those worlds are dominated by Intel® Xeon® processors. With up to 22 cores and 44 threads in a single processor, Intel Xeon is a key component to any power user’s workflow, and the perfect complement to our overclocked, high-frequency workstations.

Some of the myriad of Xeon-specific features are as follows:

Xeon E5 Series:

  • Superior core count – up to 22 cores and 44 threads
  • Dual CPU support – up to 44 cores and 88 threads total
  • Higher density, registered ECC memory (up to 512GB in dual CPU configurations)
  • Highest I/O performance with maximum, direct-connect PCI-Express lanes without high latency switches

BOXX Intel® Xeon® Solutions

We build a variety of Intel® Xeon®-based solutions to solve various workflow bottlenecks. Below are descriptions of these products, as well as links to more information.


APEXX 1 is an all-new, ultra-small form factor workstation from BOXX. The smallest workstation we've ever built, APEXX 1 maintains the level of performance and reliability you've come to expect from BOXX.



Configurable with up to two Intel Xeon processors for a total of 44 cores (88 threads), APEXX 4 is a high performance workstation capable of tearing through rendering and simulation tasks with ease. It’s also our most versatile platform, featuring support for an optional overclocked single processor, maximum memory, and up to four professional GPUs.



When you absolutely have to load up a system with expansion cards, hard drives, memory, and CPU cores, you won’t hear “you can’t configure that” from BOXX. When other vendors come up short, BOXX comes on strong. No matter your workflow, APEXX 5 can be customized to accommodate.  Featuring dual Intel Xeon processors for up to 44 cores (88 threads), and the most expansion slots of any workstation, configurations that were never before possible are now a reality with the APEXX 5.



The ultimate rendering and simulation sidekick to your overclocked BOXX workstation, renderPRO is the market’s only personal, desk-side dual Intel Xeon offload solution. Designed to be fully managed by your primary desktop and move computationally-intensive tasks off your workstation and onto a render node without the cost and complexity of a render farm, renderPRO is the must-have dual Intel Xeon product for creative professionals.


renderBOXX and RenderFarm On Wheels (ROW)

Want to take rendering to the next level? With up to 20 Intel Xeon CPUs integrated into a single 4U space, renderBOXX is designed for maximum CPU density, enabling you to offload the rendering tasks bogging down your workstation. renderBOXX also features IPMI 2.0, which delivers the industry’s most efficient and flexible management of your render farm work

RenderFarm On Wheels (ROW) is the ultimate turn-key render farm solution, offering a complete hardware package. The unit includes rack-mounted dual CPU render nodes in a mobile enclosure. ROW can be completely custom-configured to meet your needs. To assist your ROW deployment, BOXX offers on-site studio setup, with unparalleled expertise and support to get your ROW up and rendering in no time. ROW is available in a wide range of sizes and expandable to over 80 modules.

Tech Support That Understands Your Workflow

Legendary BOXX Tech Support is based 100% in the US, and located at BOXX headquarters in Austin, TX. This provides us immediate access to the tools and resources they need to support you and your specific workflow. We will attempt to recreate issues you may have utilizing our own hardware and software in an effort to reproduce even the most obscure problem. We’ll even overnight parts when necessary (during the premium warranty period.) We understand that you need to be back working as soon as possible as down time means money. Your productivity will always be our top priority.

Made In The USA

At BOXX, we’re engineers and creative professionals too. In fact, we rely on SolidWorks, 3Ds Max, and other applications every day. Our chassis (including the APEXX 2), are designed by BOXX engineers and proudly manufactured in the USA, but they aren’t built for sending emails or gaming. They’re crafted out of aircraft quality aluminum and steel strengthening components for one purpose and one purpose only: to provide you with the finest workstation available to get the job done. That means maximum airflow and cool, quiet operation—even with the most demanding hardware configurations.

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