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Twenty years ago, Apple asked us to think different. Now BOXX asks you to think again.



Think Again.

Fast forward to the present and as the new iMac Pro has arrived, we invite you to take a very objective and discerning look. It’s time to face the facts: when compared to our APEXX 4, iMacPro is actually yesterday’s technology:

PRODUCT UPDATE: In the months since this comparison, we have replaced the APEXX 4 6201 with the all-new APEXX X3 which delivers even greater, state-of-the art performance.


iMac Pro*

Max CPU: 8-, 10-, or 18-core Intel® Xeon® processor Intel® Core™ i7 (up to 10 cores), Intel® Core™ i9 X-series (up to 18 cores), or DUAL Intel® Xeon® processors (up to 22 cores each)
Top CPU Speed: 3.2GHz (4.2GHz Turbo Boost) Core™ i7 - 4.9GHz (overclocked)
Core™ i9 - 3.3GHz (4.3GHz Turbo)
Xeon® - 3.5GHz (3.7GHz Turbo)
Max GPUs: Single AMD® Radeon Pro™ Vega 64 graphics card Up to FOUR dual-width NVIDIA® Quadro™, NVIDIA® Tesla™, or AMD® Radeon Pro™ graphics cards
Max Memory: Up to 128GB DDR4-2666 MHz Up to 512GB DDR4-2666 MHz
Storage: Single SSD (4TB max) Up to TWO M.2 SATA SSDs (2TB max each) AND up to FOUR 3.5" or EIGHT 2.5" SATA HDDs (8TB max each)
Connections: 4 x USB 3.0
4 x Thunderbolt 3
10Gb Ethernet
8 x USB 3.1 Type A, 1 x USB 3.1 Type C
4 x USB 3.0
1 x Thunderbolt 3
2 x Gigabit Ethernet
1 x S/PDIF Out
1 x PS/2
Wireless & Other: 802.11ac Wi-Fi
SDXC card slot
802.11ac Wi-Fi
20x DVD±RW Writer OR Blu-Ray RW Drive
Display: 27" 5K All-in-One Display Unit Unlimited Options
(not included in price)
Starting Price: $4,999.99 $3,770.00

* The system specifications above represent the highest maximum performance capability across all available iMac Pro and APEXX 4 models. Certain enhanced features, components, and hardware compatibilities may not be available on all models.


Think APEXX 4.

Designed for Adobe CC, Avid, Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Maya, Smoke, Flame, and other pro applications, the unparalleled APEXX 4 6201 features an all new twelve-core Intel® Core™ i9 X-Series processor, 128 GB of memory, and up to four NVIDIA or AMD® Radeon Pro® graphics cards, making it ideal for both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications.

The Showdown


Stuck On On Chief Colorist and DI Editor Parke Gregg joins Alan Barnwell of Thunder Powered Solutions as Barnwell pits APEXX 4 against Mac Pro in a head-to-head showdown using Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and the Cinema 4D benchmark, Cinebench R15.



DaVinci Resolve: Head-to-Head
Using the DaVinci Resolve candlelight test, Thunder Powered Solutions’ Allan Barnwell rates the performance of APEXX 4 against the latest Mac Pro.


NEW! Post Game
Following the APEXX 4/Mac Pro shootout, Allan Barnwell, the founder of Thunder Powered Solutions, sat down with Parke Gregg the chief colorist and DI editor of Stuck On On, an award-winning audio and visual finishing house (Richard Linklater’s Boyhood and Everybody Wants Some). In this video, the experts discuss RED, iMac Pro and the Apple roadmap, GPUs, CPUs, and more.

Mac Pro
APEXX 4 6201
CPU Model: Intel® Xeon® E5 v2 Intel® Core X Series
CPU Release Date: 2013 2017
 Max CPU Speed: 3.5GHz 4.3GHz
CPU Cores: 12-core 18-core
Memory Capacity: 64GB 128GB
Memory Speed: 1866 MHz 2133 MHz
Storage Capacity: 512GB 36.4TB
Number of Drives: 1 7
GPU Release Date: 2013 2017
GPU Memory: 6GB 24GB
Max GPUs: 2 4
Thunderbolt Version: 2 3
Thunderbolt Transfer Speed: 20Gbps 40Gbps

BOXX vs. Apple:
Battle of the Benchmarks

In head-to-head benchmarking, Thunder Powered Solutions' Allan Barnwell put the BOXX APEXX 4 against Apple’s Mac Pro using Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Cinema 4D. Joined by colorist and DI editor Parke Gregg from Stuck On On, an award-winning audio and visual finishing house (Boyhood and Everybody Wants Some), Barnwell’s tests reveal some fascinating results.


Consumer focused

For many years, Apple, in addition to being an exceptional consumer brand, also devoted significant resources and innovation to computer hardware specifically designed for creative professionals in media, entertainment, graphic design, and other industries.

However, as Apple’s consumer market fortunes rose (iPhone, iTunes, iPad, etc.), they made a sound financial decision and turned their primary focus (and ample resources) toward consumers. To their credit, Apple grew company profits into the billions.

But what happened to innovation for creative pros like you?

The situation soon became apparent to creative professionals—Apple was no longer engaged in solutions for them. For film/video editors, the first indication was Final Cut X, which replaced a solid professional editing platform with a sorely lacking consumer application. For other users, the tipping point was 2013, when the Mac Pro workstation tower, for years a mainstay in studios, ad agencies, and design firms, was replaced by the overhyped but underwhelming second gen Mac Pro. To make matters worse, no significant upgrades followed.



Autodesk Discontinues Support for 3ds Max on Mac

Windows 10: Another Good Reason to Think Again

Because we engage daily with Mac users, we understand their oft-cited preference of the Mac OS. In fact, there will always be Mac users who’ll remain fiercely loyal no matter what, primarily because of their fondness for the Mac OS. But if you’re seriously considering making the switch to BOXX, yet remain concerned about your post production workflow, rest assured. The adjustment may take some getting used to at first, however, once you’re working in your preferred software application (where you spend the majority of your time) you’ll feel at home. As video tech journalist and Mac user Paul Schmutzler recently noted in his Post magazine review of the BOXX APEXX 4:“I found the Windows 10 experience was much better than I had expected.”

You will too. Make the switch.

Innovation Lives

For 21 years, BOXX has stayed true to our roots, crafting custom-engineered workstations assembled and supported in the U.S.A. by experts who know the ideal configuration for your software applications. From innovations like overclocked Intel® Core™ i7 and dual 22-core Intel® Xeon® processors, to liquid cooling, multi-GPUs, and more, APEXX 4 is the ultimate combination of power and performance—accelerating workflows and increasing productivity like never before.




BOXX Performance Specialists not only know hardware inside and out, they also understand the challenges that come with the advanced software you use in your everyday workflow! Whether you use Autodesk Revit or 3ds Max for modeling, V-Ray or Iray for rendering, SOLIDWORKS for simulation, or any other advanced computing software, one of our experts can walk you through the entire process, answer questions about your specific workflow, and address all those pesky pain points that cost you time and money. Ask anyone — you won't find real software experts with helpful advice at Dell, HP, or Apple.