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SkyBOXX Champions are customer advocates who
earn rewards by sharing their positive BOXX experiences


For over two decades, BOXX has earned praise and referrals from countless loyal customers throughout media & entertainment, architecture, engineering, product design, and other industries. In order to properly thank these champions for their unwavering support and professional recommendations, we’ve introduced SkyBOXX.


Why Become A SkyBOXX Champion?

Sharing your experiences and helping us spread the word about BOXX earns you the benefits a Champion deserves. By providing your input in SkyBOXX, participating in case studies or press releases, sharing events and expertise on social media, referring BOXX to others, and more, you earn points in the SkyBOXX Hub redeemable for:

  • Discounts on BOXX computer workstations and rendering systems
  • Popular restaurant, retail, and online venue gift cards
  • Charitable donations
  • BOXX swag
  • ...and much more!


Champions earn rewards by connecting with others and helping spread the word about BOXX. For each activity you complete inside the SkyBOXX Hub, you’ll earn points redeemable for a variety of rewards. By referring others to BOXX and completing other activities outside of SkyBOXX, you’ll earn more points.

Through emails and quarterly newsletters, we provide important SkyBOXX Champion news and program updates. We also add new challenges to the SkyBOXX Hub each week, most of which are easy and require only a few minutes to complete. Challenge examples include:

  • Referring BOXX to other creative professionals
  • Sharing information about your professional work
  • Benefitting other Champions by adding your expertise or perspective to the SkyBOXX hub
  • Posting on social media using our name or hashtags
  • Speaking on behalf of BOXX at an event or webinar
  • Participating in a BOXX case study
  • Commenting on our blog
  • Posting a positive BOXX review in an online community or forum


* Reward discounts for BOXX products are available to all US and international SkyBOXX champions. All other rewards are available to US/Canada SkyBOXX champions only.

Ready to Join?

We’ve made it quick and easy to join. Click below, complete the short form, and you’re enrolled. Then you can immediately engage in challenges and earn reward points by learning more about SkyBOXX.


How can I join SkyBOXX?
Visit and click SIGN UP near the bottom of the page or register via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. After registering, start earning points for referrals. Your profile, notifications, and messenger buttons are located above the banner at the top corner of the page.


What kind of points can I earn?
Submit a referral and earn 150 pts! If your referral makes a purchase, you’ll earn anywhere from 3,000-6,000 points, depending upon the referred customer’s order.


Where can I view my SkyBOXX reward points?
Log on to the SkyBOXX hub and consult the leaderboard on the left for your official tally. Approval for some completed challenges may take 1-2 weeks.


What if I only want to provide a referral?
Not interested in registering with the hub at this time? No problem! You can still visit, complete the referral info, and help a friend/colleague by introducing them to BOXX.


Additional questions?
Email OR while logged in, click on the SKYBOXX Messenger icon next to the search bar at the top of the page and send the administrator a message.