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Maximize SOLIDWORKS Performance

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If you’re an engineer, you have a variety of tools at your disposal like SolidWorks, CATIA, ANSYS, SolidEdge, Inventor, and other professional software. And as these applications become more powerful, they allow a single engineer to accomplish more tasks or create more complex assemblies or simulations than ever before. Each engineer will utilize these applications in a unique way, so that means that the workstation you rely on must be specifically configured to meet the demands of your particular workflow. A system not correctly optimized prohibits you from achieving peak productivity, making it more difficult for you to achieve your goals, or accomplish them on time.

APEXX 2: Your Engineering Workstation

APEXX 2, the BOXX Engineering workstation, is purpose built to deliver maximum frequency for single-threaded engineering applications. From expert overclocking to custom configurations, APEXX 2 has what you need to elevate your workflow to maximum performance.

BOXX is a unique hardware company, not just because we design, build and support our systems in the USA, but because we truly understand the software you rely on. With computer workstations, dedicated rendering systems, and ultra thin mobile workstations, BOXX solutions make your day to day workflow faster, easier, and better— while delivering measurable ROI.

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Everything You Need, Tailored To Your Workflow

At BOXX, our custom-tailored engineering workstations are specifically designed to solve your workflow bottlenecks. We not only know your applications, we also know what it takes to make them run at peak performance. This means expertly analyzing your workflow and clearly understanding the workstation components necessary for you to achieve maximum performance. In short, BOXX’s engineering workstations deliver genuine ROI by enabling you to stop waiting and start creating.

Single Threaded Applications Need Frequency, Not Cores

When you contact Dell, HP, Lenovo, or any other multi-national PC manufacturer with your workflow issues, their solution always involves adding more processor cores or GPUs. That won’t solve your problem (unless you are running simulations or rendering). The most limiting factor within the interactive portion of software like SolidWorks (or any other CAD application for that matter) is CPU frequency. For tasks like opening or closing an assembly, creating and manipulating parts, or panning and zooming, dual CPU configurations not only fail to increase performance, they also add unnecessary cost while delivering lower performance. You’ll be paying for cores you’ll never use. And when you’re waiting instead of creating, you’re losing valuable time and money. As competition within the engineering market continues to increase, you need an edge. So what’s the solution? 

BOXX APEXX Workstations Featuring Professional Overclocking

Because Intel builds performance overhead into their unlocked processors (a line of CPUs designed for overclocking), BOXXlabs works closely with them and our other hardware partners to unlock this performance, delivering over 25% more productivity than our competitors.

Is Overclocking Safe?

Workflow problems result in down time and that costs you money. That’s why we rigorously test our safely overclocked systems for stability and reliability, ensuring that they maintain the industry’s highest frequency while running rock-solid throughout the most demanding application tasks and in the most difficult professional environments. With countless systems employed by a broad range of industries and Fortune 500 companies, BOXX overclocked workstations have garnered praise from customers and industry trade publications alike. Our overclocked engineering workstations are also certified for a number of other professional applications essential to your workflow.

Display Cards

For most applications, we suggest an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card. A common misconception is that you need the most powerful display card to run CAD applications. This is not the case. The main bottleneck in your design workflow will almost always be the frequency of the CPU. If you want to improve display performance, your money is better spent on a high frequency CPU rather than a high end graphics card.

Because of this, we recommend a Quadro K620 or Quadro K2200 for most users.

How Much Memory?

32GB is common for most CAD users, however, a trend toward higher memory configurations for those working with more detailed CAD assets is becoming more commonplace.

Regarding system memory, you want to be sure you have more than enough to handle your largest CAD assets. You can check the amount of RAM your system utilizes by opening the Windows Task Manager and clicking on the Performance tab. You’ll want to avoid maxing out memory usage as this leads to paging which will slow down your system. Also, keep in mind that you will likely use your BOXX workstation for a few years and will want to ensure compatibility with future design complexities.  

That's Not All

That's Not All

Although key to overall performance, safe overclocking is only one aspect of BOXX CAD workstations. We also work closely with our partners to qualify high performance, enterprise class components like motherboards featuring the correct number of power phases, efficient power supplies, and premium memory. We then pair these components with state-of-the-art liquid cooling and quiet fans essential for cool running and long life. Designed by BOXX engineers, our purpose-built workstation chassis are manufactured in the United States and all of our systems are backed by a 3-year warranty and legendary BOXX Technical Support—a  team of experts that never relies on tiered or scripted support and is located at company headquarters in Austin, Texas.