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As the world shifts to working remote, professionals, creators, and students still need access to the same high-performance technology they rely on in the office. Today’s remote work is more than emails and conference calls. Remote workers need to accelerate complex workloads such as interactive graphics, machine learning, analytics, and AI. Whether you’re working, creating, learning, or taking a much-needed entertainment break, BOXX remote work solutions equipped with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation software deliver the power and performance to meet every need, from at home or anywhere.

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BOXX Remote Work Solutions include bare metal systems and virtual desktop infrastructure with NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software, as well as some solutions that fit into both categories. NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation software unlocks the promise of productivity, mobility, security, and flexibility for virtual workstations accessed, from anywhere. Get Quadro vDWS and a free 90 day trial here.

BOXX Solution Bare Metal VDI with Quadro vDWS
GoBOXX SLM (Client RTX Studio) Yes  
RAXX X3V Yes Yes
RAXX D4G Yes Yes

New Flexibility for Every Industry

Every industry has distinctive demands and challenges, and remote work can make a tremendous difference. Having the right tools that offer the best user experience from anywhere can boost productivity, minimize risk, and offer new opportunities for growth. Whether you’re an architect onsite, an engineer in a remote location, or a medical researcher away from the lab, BOXX offers a wide array of NVIDIA Quadro GPU-powered solutions to master your high-compute workloads.

Financial Services

Traders and bankers can continue working from anywhere with remote or virtual PCs.


Government workers can securely access resources using remote or virtual machines.


Virtualized classrooms help students and professors collaborate through distance learning.


Designers and engineers can access CAD software remotely to keep schedules moving forward.


Medical professionals can quickly access patient data and scans over remote or virtual workstations.

Data Science

Data scientists can access massive datasets and researchers can continue their science at home.


Choose Your Remote Work Solution

  • Workstation & GPU rendering node

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  • 15" w/Intel Core i9 & NVIDIA RTX 5000

  • 4U system w/ max cores & eight GPUs

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  • Cost-effective 3U system

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