Step 1:

Download updated BIOS (P4.00) and overclock profile from our FTP site here

Username: boxxuser
Password: support

At this website you will see 3 files:

“BoxxS301.BIN” is the overclock profile, “Z37TC4B.00” is the BIOS update. Save both files to the root of a USB flash drive (Fat32 format).

Step 2:

Update the BIOS- with the USB flash drive in the USB port, power on your system and rapidly press the “Delete” key on the keyboard. This will bring you to the BIOS settings. Browse to the TOOL tab and select “Instant Flash”

This will scan all available drives for the BIOS update. The update file located on your USB drive will prompt you to confirm, and you will need to confirm the update.

After updating your system will reboot several times. When the system comes back on again, rapidly press the “delete” key again to re-enter BIOS.

Step 3:

Update overclock- in BIOS again, browse to OC Tweaker tab and select “Load User UEFI Setup Profile from Disk”

Browse to the .BIN file saved on your USB flash drive and confirm to update profile. After profile is loaded, go to Exit tab -> Save changes and Exit

The file named APEXX_S3_AsRock_Z370_Taichi_P4.00_rev_3.pdf is a list of overclock settings that will be applied to this system. If you prefer to set overclock manually you may download this file and set your BIOS the same as is listed in the PDF document.

Please email, or call at 1-877-877-2699 ext.4 if we can help with this procedure.
Our support team is available for assistance 7am - 6pm CT M-F.