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3402 BIOS Update

BOXX engineers have identified increased stability and reliability opportunities for your APEXX 3402 system, but in order to take advantage of these opportunities, you must update the BIOS to the latest version and upload a new BOXX profile to the BIOS. The updated BIOS, BOXX profile, and complete instructions on how to perform the update and upload are available below. For additional update support and assistance, please contact BOXX Technical Support at 877-877-2699, 7am-6pm CST Monday-Friday.


Download Files:

X99MK3.30B - Download (16.3 MB)

BOXX_3402_Profile.BIN - Download (60 KB)

Update Instructions (PDF) - Download (691 KB)


Update Instructions:

  1. Save the BIOS file version X99MK3.30B and BOXX_3402_Profile.BIN to a USB disk
  2. Press [F2] during POST to get into BIOS setup menu
  3. Select the Instant Flash utility under [Tool] menu to execute the update

  4. ASRock Instant Flash will automatically detect all devices and only list those BIOS versions which are suitable for your motherboard

  5. Select Update to begin flashing
  6. When update process is complete you will be prompted to press enter to reboot the system

  7. Press [F2] during POST to enter into BIOS setup menu again
  8. Select Load User UEFI Setup Profile from Disk under [OC Tweaker] menu to execute it

  9. Select your USB disk from the drop down menu

  10. Highlight the BOXX_3402_ Profile.BIN file and press Enter to load profile. Select Yes when prompted to restore the profile and settings

  11. When profile is restored, press enter to return to the main BIOS screen
  12. Press [F10] and select Yes to save changes and exit BIOS