The World's Fastest Solutions for Creative Professionals

Rock solid, record-setting, high performance BOXX computer workstations, dedicated rendering systems, and servers accelerate professional CAD design, animation, visual effects, deep learning, and more.

Purpose-built to Deliver Unparalleled Performance

One size does not fit all. That’s why BOXX hardware solutions are purpose-built to deliver state-of-the-art performance for a wide variety of professional software applications and workflows. Whether you rely on SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk, Adobe CC, or other professional applications, require dedicated rendering ,advanced computational simulations, or deep learning, BOXX offers a full-line of desktop, mobile, and rack mounted systems designed to accelerate your creative workflow faster than ever before.


BOXX Workstations Take Productivity to the APEXX

BOXX best-of-class APEXX workstations are specifically designed to accelerate your CAD design, visual effects, or motion media workflow. Housed in our custom-designed, Made in the USA, BOXX chassis, each APEXX workstation class is designated by Intel or AMD processor options and custom-configured for your specific applications and workflow. From the ultra-compact A-class and compact flagship S-class, to multi-GPU systems and the world's most advanced desktop workstation, APEXX delivers power and performance, along with the ideal number of cores and GPUs to remove bottlenecks and accelerate your professional workflow.


Special Edition

Special Power and Performance

APEXX Special Edition (SE) is the world’s fastest workstation featuring a professionally overclocked Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition Processor capable of reaching 5.0GHz across all six cores. Inside a metallic blue chassis, APEXX SE also supports up to three professional graphics cards, making it ideal for CAD design, 3D modeling, and other creative workflows.


The Flagship Workstation

Accelerate 3D CAD, design, and VFX applications with the S-class, configurable with a 9th gen, eight-core Intel® Core™ i7/i9 professionally overclocked up to 4.9GHz and support for three professional GPUs.


The Multi-Tasking Workstation

Whether editing feature films or deploying cutting edge VR, the X-class, featuring Intel® X-Series processors, up to three professional GPUs, and 128GB or memory, is ideal for extreme multi-tasking in complex production pipelines.


The Versatile Workstation

Featuring a single Intel® Xeon® W processor and up to four GPUs, the versatile W-class maximizes ROI and delivers outstanding performance for rendering, simulation, and other GPU- accelerated applications.


The Most Advanced Workstation

With support for up to five GPUs and powered by dual Intel® Xeon SP processors (up to 56 cores) the D-class is our most advanced workstation, supporting complex rendering, broadcast graphics, multi-display walls, deep neural network training, and other professional workflows.


Starting at

The Entry-Level Workstation

A compact, rock-solid entry level workstation for 3D CAD and motion media, the E-class features a single Intel® Core™ i7-8700K processor (additional CPU options available) along with a single, dual-slot professional GPU, memory, and ample storage options.


The Ultra-Compact Workstation

Create faster than ever in 3ds Max, Revit, AutoCAD, and more with the ultra-compact A-class featuring an AMD Ryzen™ PRO (up to eight cores) and an NVIDIA® Quadro™ or AMD® RadeonPro™ GPU.


The Threadripper Workstation

For versatility and mega-tasking performance within demanding 3D content creation, rely on APEXX T3 featuring a 16-core, AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processor, ample memory, plenty of hard drives, and up to three professional GPUs.


The EPYC Workstation

Ideal for local rendering/simulation and demanding 3D workflows that require significant CPU compute and GPU expandability, the P-class features AMD EPYC™ 7000 series CPUs (up to 32 cores), 8 memory channels, and 128 PCIe® 3.0 lanes per CPU.

Previous Gen

Previous Generation Workstations

Although we continually upgrade BOXX workstations with the latest technology, some best-selling previous generation systems remain available as they near the end of their product life cycle. If your favorite previous generation model is listed here, it’s available, but as new replacements arrive or we deplete inventory, these models will be discontinued.


Mobile Workstations: Make the World Your Office

Take your work anywhere and never sacrifice desktop workstation performance with GoBOXX mobile workstations featuring state-of-the art Intel® Core™ i7 processors, NVIDIA® Quadro™ graphics, up to 64GB of RAM, and gorgeous full HD displays. Whether you’re running Adobe CC, SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Maya®, Revit, or other pro applications, GoBOXX mobile workstations enable you to take your projects on-the-go, boot up, open programs, manipulate models, and make iterations faster than you ever did on have on your old laptop or outdated desktop system. Make the world your office. For a true desktop replacement or an ultra-light notebook to enhance your workflow, BOXX has your solution.

Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Powerful

Weighing only 3.96 lbs. and just .69” thick, ultra-thin GoBOXX SLM is the perfect mobile workstation for your creative applications. Featuring an Intel® Core™ i7 processor and professional NVIDIA® Quadro™ graphics on a 15" full HD (1920x1080) display, GoBOXX SLM delivers performance and reliability, enabling you to work from anywhere.


The Power of a Desktop

With a desktop-class Intel® Core™ i7, NVIDIA® GeForce™ graphics card, and 17” full HD display, you can take the powerful GoBOXX MXL VR anywhere, . Create demanding 3D CAD, animation, video, or immersive VR experiences on-the-go, and never sacrifice desktop workstation performance.


BOXX Rendering Accelerates Workflows

High-performance BOXX workstations power the software applications necessary to create stunning visuals for VFX, animation, 3D CAD, and more. But creating those images is only one aspect of your pipeline. Whatever you design or create must be rendered.The BOXX Workflow details the advantages of freeing your workstation and offloading those complex tasks to a dedicated rendering system, so whether you rely on CPU or GPU rendering engines, a turnkey farm or a personal node, we have the solution that will save you time and money—and enable you to grow your business. For products or expert knowledge, when the need is rendering, BOXX is your ultimate source.
CPU Rendering

Power for Render-Intensive Workflows

For 3D design, animation, simulation, compositing, and more, renderBOXX features four individual render nodes each with dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (up to 56 cores) to power the most demanding, CPU render-intensive workflows.

GPU Rendering

Accelerate Rendering & Look Development

The ideal platform for GPU-accelerated rendering, APEXX 8R is configurable with up to eight professional, dual-width NVIDIA® Quadro™ or AMD® Radeon Pro™ graphics cards and substantially accelerates GPU rendering and look development. 


BOXX Server Room Solutions

Whether you need the ultimate design or simulation capability, GPU-accelerated rendering, virtual desktop infrastructure, or media storage, BOXX rackmount systems provide a wide array of solutions. Equip your server room with versatile, high performance machines specifically designed to accelerate productivity and expand your business.

Multiple GPUs and More

For design, rendering, and simulation, the world’s most powerful workstation features dual Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 5 GPUs, and provides additional slots for PCIe add-in cards like high speed storage and networking.


The APEXX 5 rackmount family is our most versatile platform with support for maximum memory, up to five professional GPUs, and plenty of hard drives.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Built specifically for digital content creators and CAD users running applications like Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D, ProVDI provides all the benefits of VDI without sacrificing performance and productivity.  


Accelerated Rendering/Simulation for up to Eight Users

Ideal for GPU-accelerated rendering engines like V-Ray RT, Octane Render, iRay, Redshift and  more, BOXX grid servers can be configured with powerful NVIDIA or AMD Radeon Pro GPUs while accommodating up to eight users.


Ultimate Manageability, Redundancy, and Stability

A highly configurable media storage server solution providing the finest in manageability redundancy, and stability, serverBOXX can be configured with a high bandwidth storage option and remote management software, making it ideal for small to midsize companies with limited or no IT staff.