Key Information:

Location: 27141 Aliso Creek Rd, 92656

City: Aliso Viejo

State: California, USA

Year Founded: 2000

Phone: (949) 360-1796

Website URL:


Featured Products

PAC Storage Enterprise Class on-premise data storage systems feature dual controllers SAN/NAS with a cloud gateway option. Competitively priced, these high performance arrays present no single point of failure offering five nines uptime.


Flexibility and Performance in PAC 2000/4000

PAC 2000/4000 will exceed expectations not only with high block and file level performance, but also endless configuration options across all components including scalability up to 886 drives.

2000: 72TB starting at $9,700
4000: 28TB 10K starting at $22,000


Ultimate Capacity with PAC 3000

PAC 3000 is a capacity beast configured in a 60-bay chassis upgradable to over 10PBs with outstanding pricing, performance, and flexibility including 12GB SAS, SSD, 10K, 7200NL drives.

720TB starting at $56,000


Lightning Speed PAC All Flash SSD Array

The PAC All-Flash SSD Array delivers lightning-fast speed with up to 750k IOPS, 11,000MBs block and 6,600MBs CIFS bandwidth and all enterprise system options.

23TB starting at $23,000