Government, Education, and More

For organizations and industries outside the standard AEC, MPD, and M&E computer workstation profile, BOXX maximizes productivity and provides substantial ROI for all types of engineering, GFX, scientific research, virtual reality, and more


BOXX Government / Medical / Education / Other Software Solutions

Multiple industries require professional grade workstations to run a variety of compute intensive applications. From universities and medical science laboratories, to government entities, defense contractors, and energy companies, these organizations often rely on many of the same 3D software applications as the typical workstation user. On the other hand, their workflow may be more demanding and consist of highly-customized software, simulations, extremely large data sets, or other unique features. Regardless of your industry, a BOXX APEXX workstation, purpose-built for your specific workload, will optimize application performance, accelerate your workflow, and provide your organization with genuine ROI.


3ds Max


Experience genuine ROI with an overclocked APEXX workstation purpose-built to power your Autodesk 3ds Max workflow.

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Adobe Creative Cloud


As Adobe partners and users, BOXX produces the fastest Creative Cloud workstations custom-configured to support specific Adobe applications.

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Accelerate simulation with an APEXX workstation purpose-built for ANSYS or offload it to a dedicated simulation solution.

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Optimized for ArchiCAD, blazing fast APEXX workstations also feature multiple CPU cores essential for running the CAD software’s operations.

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APEXX workstations maximize productivity by remving bottlenecks and accelerating your AutoCAD workflow.

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Cinema 4D


From modeling and animation, to frequent rendering, to dedicated CPU rendering, purpose-built APEXX workstations deliver industry leading performance for Cinema 4D.

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Act-3D B.V.

The NVIDIA GeForce GPUs and high-frame rates in BOXX Lumion workstations are essential for rendering detailed still images and animation.

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From professionally overclocked media workstations to dedicated rendering systems, BOXX delivers unparalleled performance for Autodesk Maya workflows.

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Purpose-built, overclocked APEXX Revit workstations save time, save money, increase productivity, and increase profit.

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Program, diagram, design, detail, and document from inception to construction with a BOXX SketchUp workstation.

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Dassault Systèmes

Maximize your SOLIDWORKS workflow with purpose-built, professionally overclocked BOXX workstations—the ultimate SOLIDWORKS hardware.

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Chaos Group

Working closely with Chaos Group, BOXX configures rendering workstations and dedicated systems that run V-Ray faster than any other computer hardware.

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Don’t See Your Software?


BOXX supports over 400 software applications, so request a consultation or call a performance specialist today at 877-877-BOXX to configure a hardware solution purpose- built for your specific workflow.

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