revit workstations

revit workstations

As a platform for design, collaboration, and visualization, Autodesk Revit is widely used by architecture, engineering, and construction professionals for all sorts of projects, but getting the most out of this versatile, impactful software depends on your hardware.

Revit is building information modeling (BIM) software that allows AEC professionals to plan, design, construct, and manage their building or infrastructure projects. Highly collaborative and multidisciplinary, Revit allows you to accomplish a wide range of workflows: from design (structural simulations) to coordination (centrally shared models) to visualization (3D modeling). Revit also enables different team members to complete a variety of tasks on a single, unified model. This way, architects can optimize building performance, structural engineers can evaluate building components, and construction professionals can assess design and determine what materials they’ll need. Considering the multifaceted work that goes on in Revit, having Revit workstations to support it all is crucial to performance and productivity.


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Design & Modeling

Revit allows AEC professionals to accomplish all kinds of tasks related to building design and modeling; from high-level workflows like structure conceptualizing to more nuanced functions like adding stairs and railings, as well as pipe-flow simulation. This wide and varied capability is crucial to project collaboration and progress.

In order for Revit to work to its full potential, however, you need a workstation that drives software performance. This begins by understanding that Revit is a frequency-bound application meaning that it predominantly draws from one CPU core, which makes core speed a more important variable than the number of cores. Revit recommended hardware like the APEXX S3 accelerates creative workflows by offering a professionally overclocked 5.1GHz model which also includes 128GB of memory and support for up to two GPUs.

  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship. 


Local Rendering

Revit comes stocked with a library of materials to enrich your diagrams with surfaces, textures, and lighting, among other options. You can also create your own materials while taking advantage of the various CPU and GPU rendering engines available within the application. Whether you rely on V-Ray or Octane Render, BOXX APEXX Revit workstations cover all your software needs from improved CPU power to the number of GPUs. With a preferred Revit workstation, you’ll manipulate 3D objects faster, more rapidly iterate, and reduce turnaround time.

  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship. 

  • Rendering, simulation & desk side DL


On the Go

AEC professionals are perpetually on-the-go. When you have to present to stakeholders or work remotely, you need Revit workstations that can still provide desktop-level performance. BOXX knows exactly what a capable Revit laptop requires in order to handle large data sets, including both the GoBOXX MXL with a desktop-class Intel® Core™ i7 and 64GB of RAM, as well as the ultra-thin GoBOXX SLM featuring NVIDIA RTX graphics.

  • 17" Intel 11th Gen, RTX A3000 or A5000 & number keyboard


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