ansys workstations

ansys workstations

ANSYS, a global leader in engineering simulation, provides a broad portfolio of outstanding engineering simulation software, enabling users to solve the most complex design challenges. BOXX ANSYS performance specialists will help you configure a workstation purpose-built for ANSYS so you can maximize performance and accelerate your product design workflow like never before.

As engineering simulation expands across all facets of the product lifecycle, product complexity increases. This means engineers and product designers face the challenge of integrating unique components within a design, and ensuring that they work together. For this reason, many engineering and product design firms rely on ANSYS, a comprehensive software suite that spans the complete range of physics, providing access to all fields of engineering simulation. Selecting the proper BOXX workstation that will maximize your ANSYS workflow is critical. As ANSYS is a highly sophisticated CAE software with a number specific applications, BOXX strongly recommends that you contact one of our ANSYS performance specialists at 877.877.BOXX to custom-configure your ideal workstation.

Design & Modeling

ANSYS enables engineers and product designers to create more efficient designs, accelerate prototyping, and decrease development costs. Because ANSYS software is relegated to a specific number of cores, you need a system that will maximize the performance of your core license. In other words, don’t buy an eight-core ANSYS workstation for a sixteen-core ANSYS license. BOXX recommends an additional two to four cores over and above the ANSYS core license to allow for your operating system and other processes that may be running in the background. BOXX ANSYS solutions feature professionally overclocked Intel® Core™ i7, Core X-series, or dual Intel® Xeon® processors (up to 56 cores), 2TB of RAM, and plenty of storage.

  • Versatile 56-core, four-GPU powerhouse

  • Multi-core, mega-tasking compact



Simulation-driven product development takes engineering simulation to another level and the depth of ANSYS software, coupled with its scalability, comprehensive multiphysics foundation, and adaptive architecture, sets it apart from other CAE tools. With finite element analysis (FEA) tools, you can customize/automate your simulations and parameterize them to analyze multiple design scenarios. For this workflow, BOXX recommends the APEXX S3 featuring a professionally overclocked Intel® Core™ i7.

ANSYS CFD software allows you to model fluid flow and other related physical phenomena, requiring as many cores as you can provide. For this workflow, APEXX D4 features dual Intel® Xeon® processors (up to 56 cores). For workflows that feature a combination of some FEA and some CFD, the APEXX X3 equipped with a 16-core Intel Core i9 X-series is a solid system.

  • Versatile 56-core, four-GPU powerhouse

  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship

  • Multi-core, mega-tasking compact

Ansys Mobile

On the Go

If you’re a product designer or engineer on-the-go, choose an ANSYS laptop solution that can deliver and support desktop-level computing performance. GoBOXX MXL, a true desktop replacement, boasts an eight-core, desktop-class Intel® Core™ i7, 64GB of RAM and NVIDIA® Quadro™ graphics. If you prefer an ultra-thin, run-and-gun solution, GoBOXX SLM features a six-core Intel® Core™ i7 8850H processor, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, and 32 GB of RAM for moderately complex ANSYS workflows.

  • Desktop-level power w/ NVIDIA P3200 GPU

  • 15" w/Intel Core i9 & NVIDIA RTX 5000


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