Cinema 4D is a popular 3D modeling and animation application, but because of the wide variety of features within the software, there isn't a one size fits all 4D workstation configuration that addresses all possible workflow scenarios.

Elevate your designs to the next dimension with Cinema 4D, the fast and easy-to-use 3D animation solution from Maxon. Featuring an intuitive interface and backed by an outstanding community, Cinema 4D fits your workflow with tight integrations to Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, CAD applications, and more, as well as support for industry-standard exchange formats. Expand your creativity with the software’s fluid workflow and expansive toolset, powered by a BOXX APEXX workstation purpose-built for C4D.

3D Modeling

Within C4D, 3D modeling is a single-threaded task. Unlike Cinema 4D rendering, which is highly multi-threaded, the process of building up your meshes, extruding polygons, and manipulating vertices only uses one CPU core. If you primarily use C4D for modeling, you can’t afford to waste money on a dual CPU workstation with dozens of CPU cores, because those extra CPU cores won’t provide any benefit. Because a workstation with a high frequency CPU best optimizes your 3D modeling workflow, the professionally overclocked BOXX APEXX S3 C4D workstation is an excellent choice.


3D animation shares many similarities with a 3D modeling-centric workflow, and like 3D modeling, is also a single-threaded task. If animation is your primary task, once again, multiple CPU cores will be of little help. Creating animation is “frequency bound,” meaning application performance is tied to the frequency of the CPU. Because a system with a high CPU clock speed best optimizes your workflow, a single socket APEXX X3 or APEXX T3 are the best workstations for Cinema 4D animation.


As a Cinema 4D user, you have a variety of rendering engines (both CPU and GPU-accelerated) from which to choose, so whether you use Team Render, or any of the popular third party engines like V-Ray or Octane, a BOXX Cinema 4D workstation will provide the ultimate rendering performance. But when choosing your Cinema 4D computer, consider that unlike 3D modeling and animation, rendering your C4D assets is a highly multi-threaded process, therefore, the more CPU cores in your system, the better. The same holds true for GPU rendering and graphics cards. Also, rendering is a computationally intensive task, so it should be offloaded to a dedicated render node. The purpose of a 3D design workstation is to create and maintain productivity, but that comes to a halt when you tie up your system with rendering final frame animation sequences. For dedicated CPU rendering, the rack mounted, 56-core renderBOXX is an ideal system, while APEXX D8R (with up to eight, full-size GPUs) is purpose-built for for GPU rendering.

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