Purpose-built for enterprise businesses, RAXX systems from BOXX deliver breakthrough performance, reliability, and flexibility for a wide range of professional applications and workflows.



Enable remote access, remote collaboration, and data centralization while maintaining peak productivity for power users.



Easily and reliably power video walls, training simulators, and more with a purpose-built, field-tested RAXX system.

production broadcast


When you have one opportunity to get it right, trust your live production and multi-channel on-air graphics to reliable, high performance RAXX systems.

rackmount workstation


As a standalone workstation or server room/mobile rack component, BOXX rackmounts enable system centralization and state-of-the-art performance for creative pros.

GPU Rendering

GPU Rendering

Dramatically accelerate your workflow by offloading your complex GPU rendering to a RAXX system featuring multiple, professional graphics cards.

  • Versatile, professional 3U system

    RAXX D3 Contact us for price
  • 20" deep advanced 3U system

    RAXX D3S Contact us for price
  • Cost-effective 3U system

    RAXX X3 Contact us for price
  • 20" deep 3U multi-tasking system

    RAXX X3S Contact us for price
  • 4U system w/ max cores & eight GPUs

    RAXX D4G Contact us for price
  • 4U rackmount accelerates GPU rendering

    RAXX W4G Contact us for price

RAXX Classes Explained

BOXX offers a wide range of rackmount systems purpose-built for computational, VDI, rendering, and other professional workflows. RAXX feature a variety of Intel and AMD processors used to determine class names, as well as additional model name characters explained in this graphic.

RAXX Workstations Name Breakdown


Dual Intel Xeon SP


Intel Core X-Series


Intel Xeon W


AMD Threadripper


AMD Epyc


Sub-Type S

Short Chassis (20” D)

Sub-Type V

Designed for VDI

Sub-Type G

Designed to Support 8 GPUs

Sub-Type L

64 PCIe Lanes