ARCHICAD remains one of the top CAD software suites for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. Discover how to run this software effectively—without slowdowns.

ArchiCAD is a powerful 3D computer-aided design modeling software created by and for AEC professionals. ArchiCAD was the first CAD application capable of creating both 2D and 3D geometry and continues to be revolutionary for architectural design and modeling; yet in order for it to operate effectively and provide a quality user experience, a specific, high performance hardware configuration is required.

3D Modeling

3D modeling processes consume significant hardware resources. In particular, background processes in ARCHICAD significantly leverage multiple CPU cores, making CPU capacity more essential for running these operations. Background processing helps the performance, navigation and display of large, complex models, but if your computer hardware doesn't have the necessary computing power, your experience will be severely impacted.

In addition, models must frequently be stored somewhere on the machine. This is why 8 to 32GB of physical RAM is necessary in order to save models and run applications simultaneously.

If your workstation lacks essential computing power, your software applications will run slowly—a frustrating experience when trying to produce a model under strict deadlines. BOXX recommends an overclocked CPU to accelerate 3D modeling and design processes, so the APEXX S3, featuring a professionally overclocked eight-core CPU, effectively supports the multi-threaded background processing capabilities of ARCHICAD and frequency-bound design tasks.


Rendering within ARCHICAD is an intensive process, so whenever possible, it should be offloaded to a dedicated system. ARCHICAD integrates well with Cinema 4D to merge changes made in ARCHICAD into existing Cinema 4D visualizations. Your CPU will be an important factor in time spent rendering high-end visualizations and animations within these programs.

Featuring a powerful Intel® Core® X-Series processor with up to 18 cores and additional memory, APEXX X3 is ideal for CPU-intensive applications and rendering activities within ARCHICAD, allowing you to produce complex projects in less time.

Design On the Go

For AEC professionals, onsite work is a common occurrence, so you need an ARCHICAD mobile workstation capable of handling large data sets and performing complex modeling functions. GoBOXX SLM is an ultra-thin and light mobile workstation featuring a fast Intel® Core™ i7 CPU and professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics. GoBOXX MXL VR, a true desktop workstation replacement, features NVIDIA GeForce graphics, along with a desktop-class Intel® Core™ i7, 64GB of RAM, and enough power and performance to support complex VR experiences on-the-go. Note: GeForce drivers are not certified for CAD. MXL VR is intended for delivering mobile virtual reality experiences. GoBOXX MXL with NVIDIA Quadro graphics is appropriate for CAD.

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