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Simplifying Your Cloud Migration

Secure, high performance, virtual private cloud offers easy on-boarding and more.

Dedicated, pay-as-you-go, non-virtualized workstations inside scalable and secure data centers.

Extend your data center without the complexity and cost of building an on-prem private cloud or the performance risk of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Customer Stories

BOXX Cloud - The Best Fit

U.S. Chamber of Commerce video producer and event technology lead Micky Ronis relies on BOXX Cloud to deliver custom, TV-quality webcast experiences. Read More

The Hybrid Cloud – Best of Both Worlds

Challenged by rapid growth and a full transition to Autodesk Revit, leading architecture firm KTGY found their solution in FLEXX data center platforms and BOXX Cloud. Read More

"Installation and IT management has been easy, and the performance increase has resulted in a 50% reduction in wait times and nearly $11,000 in savings per system, per year."


Achieve Maximum Application Performance

With BOXX Cloud, professional software applications that drive your business are accelerated by the same level of performance found in BOXX physical workstations. And (unlike other cloud offerings) BOXX Cloud delivers without compromise, so any applications that work with your physical legacy workstations will actually achieve higher performance.


Unparalleled power from performance tuned BOXX workstations.

High speed interconnects deliver faster access to data from your remote workstation.

Complete data control for security, backup, and disaster recovery, as well as flexibility to move data to any platform.

Secure Robust Performance

BOXX Cloud provides the ultimate in workstation-as-a-service performance; equal to a physical desk side workstation and made possible through low-latency remote graphics utilizing PCoIP® Technology from Teradici.

PCoIP delivers secure, high-definition, and highly responsive computing essential for end users transitioning from local, physical systems to cloud-hosted workstations. PCoIP remote graphics traffic relies on AES 256 encryption (the highest level of cybersecurity), and because the PCoIP® protocol transfers only display information in the form of pixels, client and project information never leave the datacenter.

When it comes to the complexity of sharing unstructured, CAD and other design content to users on-premises and on BOXX Cloud, we have you covered.

BOXX Cloud partners with Panzura for optional high performance distributed storage capabilities that ensure your on-premise data is securely available to users on BOXX Cloud with no performance penalty. When your teams aren’t in the same place, productive and efficient collaboration can be a challenge, but Panzura utilized with BOXX Cloud, allows your best people to work on files collaboratively, as if they were seated right next to each other.

Extend your Enterprise Standards to BOXX Cloud

For organizations with clearly defined standards, BOXX Cloud has the tools needed to deploy workstations at scale, while also providing flexibility not available from other cloud offerings. Our service enables you to run your existing enterprise-approved firewalls or SD-WAN and Secure Tunnel solutions (even if hardware based), but we can also utilize your standard desktop and application deployment tools to simplify management of BOXX Cloud workstations.

Performance Levels You Need

BOXX Cloud provides high performance workstations for every user persona. Our standard nodes are exceptional, but for those with more demanding needs, we offer a higher capable node. For those in need of lower performance for task workers and administrative, we also offer a lower performance node.

Standard Node

Provided from a dedicated workstation featuring 8 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, 1TB of NVMe storage, and an NVIDIA A4000 GPU.

High-End Node

Double the CPU core count to 16, up to 128GB of RAM, and storage scalable beyond the standard 1TB of NVMe.

Entry Level Node

For viewer only and lower performance users, we also offer a base performance configuration of 4 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM, and 500GB of NVMe.

“Our thorough testing of BOXX Cloud revealed a flexible and highly capable platform that meets the needs of the most demanding SOLIDWORKS workloads."


A Better Cloud Workstation

Focused cloud supported by systems purpose-built for CAD, as opposed to repurposed, virtualized hardware never optimized for specific applications.

Desk side level performance unavailable from traditional workstation-as-a-service providers which focus on more cores over core performance.

Windows operating systems eliminate application compatibility issues, as well as the burden of adding support risks with your workflow.

"Working with BOXX has been great. My goal was to move our workflow to full, custom, TV-like webcast experiences, and I couldn’t have done it without BOXX Cloud remote desktop solutions and the expertise of BOXX support. They’re a great fit and the hardware has been fantastic."


Modernizing the Delivery of Your Workflow

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

BOXX Cloud provides ultimate performance for your AEC workflow with cloud-hosted, performance-tuned, AEC remote workstations purpose-built to optimize Revit®, AutoCAD®, and other Autodesk applications. Learn More

Manufacturing & Product Design

BOXX Cloud’s combination of performance-tuned workstations with NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs accelerates SOLIDWORKS and other MPD applications like never before, delivering workstation-as-a-service without compromise. Learn More

Content & Game Development

High performance BOXX Cloud workstations allow content creators to work at full speed. Leverage standard or proprietary development tools and gain an edge in having a dedicated cloud workstation platform that can be used by all of your team, regardless of their location. With options for local shared storage and the ability to use standard NVIDIA professional and GeForce drivers, BOXX Cloud removes the content development constraints imposed by other cloud offerings. Learn More

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