BOXX Remote Workstations empower you to access,
create, and collaborate—at any time, from anywhere.

Remote Workstation Technology

From your own data center or via BOXX Cloud, we deliver workloads to any endpoint.


BOXX Remote Workstation Solution Brief

Purpose-built for Your Industry

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
  • Manufacturing & Product Design (MPD)
  • Media & Entertainment (M&E)
  • Powered by technology from NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, Samsung

Performance Tuned

  • Professional overclocking provides higher CPU frequencies to accelerate single-threaded applications.
  • More CPU cores can benefit other applications you’re running (perhaps even simultaneously), as well as overall system performance.

Desk Side Level Workstation Performance

  • Windows or Linux desktop OS simplifies deployment.
  • Easy data center system management

A Revolutionary Way to Collaborate

BOXX and NVIDIA Omniverse

If your workflow requires multiple applications in a remote environment, NVIDIA Omniverse empowers real-time, simultaneous collaboration. Render a 3D design in Maya while a teammate contributes in After Effects. With BOXX Cloud and Omniverse, you have the power to collaborate from anywhere. READ how Omniverse is ushering in a new era of collaboration and simulation in media & entertainment.

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Live Collaboration Between Users and Applications

Bring together users and top industry 3D design tools in real time on a single, interactive platform. Workflows are simplified as updates, iterations, and changes are instantaneous with no need for data preparation.

Real-Time Speed, Offline Quality

Omniverse delivers scalable, final-frame-quality rendering in real time. Achieve beautiful, physically accurate, and photorealistic visuals in real-time.

Simulate Reality with RTX Technology

Build it once, render it anywhere. Stream NVIDIA RTX ™ rendered photorealism to any of your devices. Share your work with ease and ensure that it's presented as it should be.

Explore Our Fully Integrated Solutions

Take advantage of the same power, performance, and technology inside BOXX desk side workstations condensed into the industry’s highest density form factor nodes—RAXX and FLEXX.

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Figuring Out FLEXX

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