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Platforms for AI Acceleration

BOXX & Cirrascale Cloud Services combine their expertise in HPC and Cloud computing to provide the most effective platforms for accelerating AI development.

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Deep Learning Workhorses

DGX Station

The world’s first personal supercomputer for leading-edge AI development powered by four Tesla™ V100 accelerator cards.

Maximum Configuration
UP To 2.2 GHz
UP To 20 cores
UP To 256GB
Basic Configuration

  • Configurations will vary greatly based on specific needs. Please contact us for a quote.

NVIDIA DGX-1™ fast-tracks your initiative with a solution that works right out of the box, so you can gain insights in hours instead of weeks or months powered by eight Tesla™ V100 or P100.

Maximum Configuration
UP To 2.2 GHz
UP To 40 cores
UP To 512GB
Basic Configuration

  • Configurations will vary greatly based on specific needs. Please contact us for a quote.

Ideal FOR Libraries and Frameworks Like:

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Shop Data Science Workstations

AI is a Race Against Time.
We Get You Training Models, Fast.

Whatever your choice of AI tools or frameworks, BOXX and Cirrascale Cloud Services have the platform that will accelerate your machine learning initiative.

Talk to an AI acceleration consultant to choose the right combination of solutions for your AI business

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GPU Computing Platforms Purpose-Built for AI


BOXX & Cirrascale Cloud Services provide the specialized computing muscle to customers in the most dynamic areas of AI development.

Talk to a BOXX & Cirrascale AI consultant to learn more about our cutting edge users.


Autonomous Driving

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Medical Imaging

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Digital Experiences

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Natural Language Processing

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Platforms for All Stages of AI Development

BOXX and Cirrascale power some of the most advanced digital workflows in the world.

Save Money Through Performance

In the race for developing AI, computing infrastructure performance is fundamental.

It’s the difference between a polished model that hits the market first and just a working prototype.

BOXX & Cirrascale Cloud Services offer:

  • Platforms specifically designed for powering AI frameworks
  • The right computing power for the entire AI development workflow
  • Focused integration of top computing technologies for DL model training


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We Help You Cross the AI Infrastructure Chasm

A diagram of deep learning computing platforms with a gray oval for the title, yellow line for the combined box and blue for check and BOXX Cirrascale logoIn AI development, the leap to efficient and scalable model development is daunting; roll-your-own platforms can only go so far.

A hand holding hammer icon in full yellow outlineThe trial and error process required to match computing infrastructure to AI tools and frameworks is time-consuming and risky.

BOXX & Cirrascale Cloud Services Solutions offer clear paths to the right GPU computing power for your AI initiative.

AI Computing Power, Your Way.

Because different AI initiatives drive different business models, BOXX/Cirrascale Cloud Services offer many ways to access purpose-built GPU computing power.

Talk to a BOXX/Cirrascale Cloud Services AI consultant to choose the right arrangement for your AI business.

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What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

Artificial intelligence is the future. Artificial intelligence is science fiction. Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday lives. All those statements are true, it just depends on what flavor of AI you are referring to. In this multi-part series, long-time tech journalist Michael Copeland explains the fundamentals of deep learning.

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More Than Just Hardware.

We Know Your Software, Too!

At BOXX, we support multiple configurations of our products and prefer to work closely with our customers and partners to determine the best fit for your company. We listen, understand, and tailor our products to your specific requirements, so if you need to accelerate training and inference of deep neural networks using frameworks like TensorFlow, MXNet, Caffe2 and PyTorch a BOXX performance specialist can recommend the appropriate configuration and guide you to the ideal solution. Click below to connect with us.


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in the USA

At BOXX, we’re engineers and creative professionals too. In fact, we rely on SOLIDWORKS, 3ds Max, and other applications every day. Our chassis are designed by BOXX engineers and proudly manufactured in the USA, but they aren’t built for sending emails or gaming. They’re crafted out of quality aluminum and steel strengthening components. That means maximum airflow and cool, quiet operation—even with the most demanding hardware configurations.

Tech Support

At BOXX, we understand that you need to be back working just as soon as possible when something goes wrong. That's why YOUR productivity is always our top priority. Our in-house technical support operatives will attempt to recreate any issues you have in an effort to reproduce even the most obscure problem. We'll even overnight parts when necessary during your premium warranty period.


What's in the BOXX?

We understand that it's important to know where your money goes when purchasing a premium workstation. BOXX offers services and solutions that go far beyond what you'll find at Dell, HP, or Apple.


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