BOXX-At-GTC-2016-APEXX-5R-and-FLEXX-680x510NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference is all about showing off cutting-edge technologies and looking to the future (near or far). That being the case, if you appreciate the working side of graphics technology, GTC is some sort of geek heaven, with NVIDIA showing off what it has coming, and its partners doing the same. One of those partners this year was BOXX Technologies, a company that like NVIDIA aims to give customers the best possible solutions revolving around workstation graphics.

I was actually quite lucky to end up meeting with the folks at BOXX at GTC last week as various meetings kept me off of the show floor. I managed to catch them right before the show floor was about to close, and I’m sure glad I did, as the company had some great stuff on display. That includes its brand-new APEXX 5R and FLEXX.

If you’re familiar with BOXX’s current lineup, the APEXX 5R won’t be hard to wrap your head around: it’s an APEXX 5 in rackmount form. That’s what you can see on the top of the system in the shot below, right above the new FLEXX.

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