When architecture, engineering, and construction professionals need to review their carefully designed models, they turn to Navisworks. This solution is key to project analysis and coordination, so ensuring you have sufficient hardware to power this software is equally important.

Autodesk Navisworks is a widely used project review software that allows AEC professionals to complete tasks like construction simulations, animations, and whole-project analysis. Ultimately, this software enables you to exert more control over project outcomes and improve stakeholder collaboration. Navisworks facilitates easy and effective sharing of data and workflows, so you can rely on it to promote better project coordination. Use Navisworks in conjunction with AutoCAD and BMI 360 since it can open files from both programs to enable an integrated model review.

3D Model Review & Design

Navisworks includes a feature-rich solution for reviewing and analyzing 3D models. For example, you can detect clashes in design and inspect model functionality. While this requires sufficient computing power, a common misconception assumes that the best Navisworks workstation is one with the highest number of CPU cores. Rather, for critical, single-threaded features like 3D model review and design, any Navisworks workstation benefits from increased CPU frequency.

Lacking computing capacity to inspect models on a deadline can be a costly drag. To ensure uptime when reviewing 3D models, BOXX recommends APEXX S3 featuring an eight-core, Intel® Core™ i7 professionally overclocked to 5.1GHz and support for up to two professional GPUs.

BOXX works closely with our strategic partner Autodesk to design a Navisworks computer that takes into account software's limitations while magnifying its strengths. Reviewing and analyzing 3D models and data is a workflow ripe for overclocked hardware, so we also work with Intel to unlock the built-in performance of the Intel® Core™ i7 (a processor designed for overclocking) to further enhance Navisworks workstation performance.


Navisworks is used for other project-specific tasks, including the rendering of high-quality, photorealistic images based off 3D models and integrated project data. Navisworks also enables real-time navigation like zooming and orbiting. A key consideration is that rendering is a multi-threaded process, meaning it benefits from more available CPU cores. However, before deciding on a Navisworks workstation, consider how much you use the software for rendering purposes, as an overclocked computer may still be your best bet.

When using Navisworks for intensive, multi-threaded workflows like rendering, consider the overclocked, 32-core APEXX T3, a workstation ideal for both single and multi-threaded applications.

Point Cloud

With technology, the future has a habit of seeming like the present. For example, reality computing is one of those steps already taken, and from its 2015 release, Navisworks has been seen as a solution well-suited to handle point cloud data. The greater the size of your point cloud data, the higher the number of CPU cores needed for your Navisworks computer to maintain productivity. This multi-threaded process, however, may not be your primary Navisworks function, and an overclocked workstation again could prove to be the best option.

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