When architecture, engineering, and construction professionals need a way to visualize real-life structures on a computer screen, they turn to Autodesk ReCap, a high-powered reality capture software that can transform brick and mortar into 3D models and 2D drawings ready for further design.

A valuable application for AEC professionals, ReCap is ideal for those who renovate or expand existing structures. Project stakeholders, before they can add on, need to know what they're dealing with. Whereas studying structure blueprints requires a significant investment of time and money, ReCap enables you to incorporate and visualize data from laser scans and UAV photos. This seamless conversion of reality into workable 3D models and 2D designs provides a huge cost and efficiency advantage. Further, ReCap can be paired with other Autodesk applications like AutoCAD and Revit to heighten creative capability and collaboration. Since you must always be conscious of which hardware you use to power application performance, configuring the right ReCap workstation is critical.

Light Point Cloud

Capturing and converting structures from real life essentially amounts to parsing and visualizing a significant amount of data, so understanding the data requirements of projects is central to identifying the best ReCap workstation. For example, if your point cloud data is measured in megabytes instead of gigabytes, this roughly means data is on the lighter side. As our tests show, light point cloud data does not stress workstations with several CPU cores. This makes a workstation like the APEXX S3 an optimal model, as it includes sufficient CPUs professionally overclocked to higher frequencies (necessary for CAD design).

Dense Point Cloud

A dense point cloud means that your workflow consists of manipulating and processing large, complex datasets which can seriously strain your workstation. Fortunately, because Recap is multi-threaded, you can accelerate manipulation and viewport interaction by increasing the number of CPU cores.

ReCap & Other CAD Apps

ReCap is often used (necessarily) with other CAD or BIM apps including AutoCAD and Revit. However, such pairings, when not supported by the right ReCap workstation, can cause computer bottlenecks that drag on workflows. This can happen when editing ReCap point cloud data (which utilizes multiple CPU cores), then switching over to a single-threaded application for 3D modeling and design. Factoring in both needs is important when searching for a Revit computer. The best Revit workstations accelerate both types of creative processes.

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