catia workstations

catia workstations

CATIA is among the most advanced product design software applications in the world, so hardware manufacturers are required to certify their CATIA workstations with Dassault Systemes in order to ensure complete compatibility. CATIA-certified BOXX APEXX workstations are performance tuned for maximum performance and reliability.

Powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE on a BOXX APEXX workstation, CATIA delivers:

  • - A social design environment built on a single source of truth and accessed through powerful 3D dashboards that drive business intelligence, real-time concurrent design, and collaboration.
  • - An instinctive 3DEXPERIENCE for experienced and occasional users with world-class 3D modeling and simulation capabilities.
  • - An inclusive product development platform easily integrated with existing processes & tools.

Design & Modeling

Virtually all 3D CAD applications are single-threaded, meaning that the core functionality of the software can only make use of a single CPU core. Modeling and design tasks in CATIA benefit from a higher CPU clock speed rather than multiple CPU cores, so CATIA-certified BOXX APEXX workstations are overclocked to optimize application performance. Contact one of our CATiA performance specialists to custom-configure your ideal workstation.

  • Powerful & compact for 3D workflows

  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship. 


Live Rendering

Multi-GPU workstations are ideal for fast, real-time design review using CATIA Live Rendering based on NVIDIA Iray®. BOXX CATIA workstations are available with up to four GPUs for fast interactive feedback and final rendering. If you design and render on the same workstation, BOXX recommends a multi-GPU workstation combined with a high-frequency CPU. Contact one of our CATiA performance specialists to custom-configure your ideal workstation.

  • Four GPUs for rendering & simulation

  • Optmized w/ four GPUs & 38 CPU cores


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