creo workstations

creo workstations

Manufacturing and product design teams require a robust, cost-effective solution that delivers a full range of capabilities while providing efficiency and quality. PTC Creo, a leading 3D CAD application, allows you to innovate, design and create, but before you can experience its advantages, you need to understand the hardware necessary to deploy PTC Creo.

A comprehensive 3D/CAD/CAM/CAE software popular with MPD teams, PTC Creo enables users to accomplish tasks across the product design timeline: modeling and design, simulation and analysis, smart/connected design, stakeholder collaboration, additive manufacturing, and model-based definition. Because it's a software with wide applicability across many industries, PTC-certified BOXX Creo workstations are essential.

Design & Modeling

PTC Creo provides extensive functionality in 3D design and modeling so you can refine virtual prototypes. Design and modeling are frequency-bound workflows where only one processor core is utilized. BOXX APEXX S3 workstations are not only performance-tuned and purpose-built to optimize single-threaded applications like Creo, they are also tested, and officially certified by PTC to maximize Creo performance. Contact one of our Creo performance specialists to custom-configure your ideal workstation.

  • 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors
    CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship. 


Rendering & Simulation

With Creo Render Studio Extension, engineers and product designers can generate photo-realistic renderings and control aspects like lighting in order to produce stunning visualizations. The extension is fully integrated within the greater solution, allowing you to switch between modeling and rendering applications. Because a rendering focused system can actually slow down many tasks, choose hardware configured to optimize both rendering and design. The BOXX APEXX T3, an AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper Pro™ workstation, is ideal for both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications. To custom configure your system, contact one of our Creo performance specialists.  

  • Blazing fast 3D content & motion media


On the Go

If you’re an MPD professional on-the-go, choose a PTC Creo laptop solution that can deliver and support desktop-level computing performance.The ultra-thin,  GoBOXX SLM features a six-core Intel® Core™ i7  processor, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, and 32 GB of RAM for moderately complex PTC Creo workflows. Contact one of our Creo performance specialists to custom-configure your ideal workstation.

  • 17" Intel 12th Gen, NVidia RTX A3000 or A5500 & number keyboard


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