inventor workstations

inventor workstations

Autodesk Inventor® mechanical design and 3D CAD software offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools using model-based definition, top Inventor ideas, improved performance, and enhanced support with AnyCAD. But maximizing these features requires the ideal workstation.

From sharing timely feedback with built-in collaboration tools to working with anyone, anywhere regardless of what CAD software they use, Inventor enables you to follow an entire product development lifecycle with one data model. Satisfy demands for custom products and automated processes, design efficiently with specialized tools for sheet metal and frame design, choose standard components from a customizable content library, use cloud-based design reviews to collect feedback from key stakeholders, enable rapid assembly reconfigurations powered by iLogic, and more.

Design & Modeling

Inventor is a frequency bound application (meaning that it predominantly uses only one core), so selecting the number of processing cores in your Inventor workstation is critical. Since the frequency of the core determines performance more than any other variable, a workstation with less cores (but higher frequency) is ideal. Because of this, BOXX safely overclocks our Inventor-optimized workstations up to 5.1GHz, delivering the world's fastest, most productive Inventor computer workstation.

  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship


Rendering & Simulation

Compute tasks like rendering and simulation are multi-threaded (meaning they commonly utilize multiple cores simultaneously). Therefore, if you incorporate these tasks into your Inventor workflow, a workstation with more cores can provide better performance by reducing compute time. The APEXX T3 supports up to 32 AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU cores and is an excellent choice for multi-threaded applications. There are, however, significant downsides to using a workstation for regular rendering or simulation. Chief among them is that your workstation becomes a wait station, i.e., you end up paying engineers to sit and watch compute tasks complete.

  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship

  • Blazing fast 3D content & motion media

  • Multi-core, mega-tasking compact


On the Go

Engineers and product designers often need to be mobile. Whether you work remote or are constantly on the road, you need a mobile workstation capable of handling large assemblies. GoBOXX SLM is an ultra-thin and light mobile workstation featuring a fast Intel® Core™ i7 CPU and professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics. GoBOXX MXL is a true desktop replacement housing a desktop Intel® Core™ i7 CPU, 64GB of RAM and high-end GeForce graphics.

Note: GeForce drivers are not certified for Inventor. MXL VR is intended for delivering mobile virtual reality experiences.

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