keyshot workstations

keyshot workstations

KeyShot delivers blazing fast speed and simplicity for the creation of high-quality renders and animation. You’ll experience a completely real-time optimized workflow with advanced lighting capabilities, accurate material features, and more, but whether local rendering or dedicated rendering, the right computer hardware is essential.

KeyShot includes everything product designers need to quickly create amazing visuals. The real-time 3D rendering workflow displays results instantly and reduces the time needed to create realistic product shots. From scientifically accurate material and environment presets, to advanced material editing and animation, creating interactive product visuals or sales and marketing imagery has never been this easy.

Local Rendering

KeyShot is a multi-threaded, CPU-based rendering engine revered by engineers and product designers for its speed and ease of use. KeyShot takes full advantage of all of the CPU cores in your workstation, so if rendering is a major part of your workflow, then you should add as many cores as your budget allows. If you have a balanced workflow of 3D modeling and KeyShot rendering, then you’ll still want a CPU with a high clock speed.

  • Blazing fast 3D content & motion media

  • Multi-core, mega-tasking compact


Dedicated Rendering

When you tie up your workstation's CPU cycles with rendering, design productivity plummets, so the ideal KeyShot workflow is for your engineers to design on their workstations, but offload demanding rendering tasks to renderBOXX, the solution purpose-built for render-intensive workflows.

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