solidcam workstation

solidcam workstation

The recognized leader for integrated CAM, SolidCAM is one of the most powerful CAM systems on the market. Its world class CAM integrates into your SOLIDWORKS and Inventor CAD systems, powering the most complex mill-turn Machines with the best tool paths and incredible visualization.

With Certified Gold-Product status by SOLIDWORKS since 2003, and Autodesk Certified Product status since 2005, SolidCAM provides seamless, single-window integration with full associativity to SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor design models. In 2011, SolidCAM's revolutionary, patented iMachining created a revolution in CNC machining, providing substantial savings and increased efficiency in CNC milling operations while dramatically extending tool life. At present, SolidCAM is the only integrated CAM system for Swiss-type machines and features unmatched tool path strategies, including Balanced Roughing and Super-Imposition for multi-channel mill-turn & Swiss applications. For users, it’s essential to have a BOXX APEXX computer workstation purpose-built to optimize the software’s features and seamlessly run SolidCAM without workflow bottlenecks

Design & Modeling

Selecting the number of processing cores in a SolidCAM workstation is critical. SolidCAM is a multi core product that capitalizes on core frequency. Since frequency determines performance more than any other variable, SolidCAM recommended hardware with less cores (but higher frequency) is ideal. At BOXX, we professionally overclock our SolidCAM workstations to 5.3GHz, providing you with the fastest, most productive SolidCAM computer on the market.

  • Powerful & compact for 3D workflows

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  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship. 


Rendering & Simulation

Unlike modeling and design tasks, rendering and simulation are multi-threaded and take advantage of multiple CPU cores, however, performance gains level off after ten cores. Therefore, an ideal solution for SolidCAM simulation is an overclocked, eight-core or ten- core APEXX workstation.

  • CAD, 3D content & motion media flagship. 

  • Blazing fast 3D content & motion media

  • Multi-core, mega-tasking compact


On the Go

Many engineers and product designers require mobility. Whether you work remotely or are constantly on the road, you need a SolidCAM mobile workstation capable of handling large assemblies. GoBOXX SLM is an ultra-thin and light mobile workstation featuring a fast Intel® Core™ i7 processor and professional NVIDIA RTX graphics. GoBOXX MXL is a compact, high performance mobile workstation featuring a true desktop class 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 and i9 Processor, GeForce graphics, and up to 128GB of RAM.

  • 17" Intel 11th Gen, RTX A3000 or A5000 & number keyboard


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