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Return Material Procedures

BOXX Technologies Return Material Procedures

All material returned to BOXX Technologies requires a Return Material Authorization prior to its return. The Return Material Authorization number must appear on the outside of the shipping container.

All warranty returns to BOXX Technologies must be shipped in the original packing material or appropriate replacement shipping materials provided by BOXX Technologies. If you require packing materials, please contact BOXX Technical Support to purchase them. Shipments arriving in non-standard or other than original packaging may result in additional charges or void the warranty.

There are several reasons for customers to return material to BOXX Technologies.  The processes for returning material to BOXX Technologies are as indicated below:

1. Return for Depot Repair

When a BOXX Technologies Support Technician determines that the best corrective action to repair a system is Depot Repair, the BOXX Support Technician shall issue a Return Material Authorization number to the customer to enable the customer to ship the material to BOXX Technologies Depot Repair Center for repair.

2. Evaluation System Return

All evaluation systems are shipped from BOXX Technologies with an RMA number sticker in the Media Kit of the system. Upon completion of the evaluation the customer should place the RMA number sticker on the outside of the shipping container and return the system to BOXX.

3. Return of Defective Component

BOXX Technologies sometimes offers advanced replacement of components determined to be defective by a BOXX Technologies Support Technician. The replacement part will arrive with paperwork indicating the Return Material Authorization number to be used to return the defective component. The RMA number must be written on the outside of the shipping container for the returned part.