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BOXX Remanufactured Terms and Conditions

  • BOXX Remanufactured products are sold on a “first come, first served” basis. We are unable to hold products pending payment or credit approval.
  • Within the remanufactured program, our prices and configurations are fixed, so please remember that no changes can be made to your order.
  • BOXX is proud to offer a 60 day limited warranty for current generation re-manufactured systems, 30 day limited warranty for one generation removed re-manufactured systems and 15 day limited warranty for all earlier generation re-manufactured systems.
  • BOXX remanufactured systems offers easy payment terms: credit cards are accepted, as are customers with pre-approved credit. For credit pre-approval, please contact our sales department.
  • The list price excludes shipping. The default shipping option is FedEx Ground, but you may upgrade shipping to two day or overnight for a little more money.
  • The BOXX Remanufactured Product program can be amended or canceled at any time.

Cosmetic Code Definitions

  • A+ - No visible cosmetic damage.
  • A - Small scratch under 2 inches in length, not through the paint or down to bare metal.
    • Small smudge, splatter, or discoloration under two inches in diameter.
    • Any small nicked or scuffed corners.
    • Minor damage to painted or silk-screened BOXX logos.
  • B - Small scratch under 2 inches in length, through the paint, down to bare metal.
    • Scratch or scratches above 2 inches in length.
    • Smudge, splatter, or discoloration above 2 inches in diameter.
    • Major damage to, or loss of, painted or silk-screened BOXX logos.
  • C - Any dents, big or small.
    • Excessive smudging, splatter, or discoloration.
    • Large or multiple scuffs and/or scratches, through the paint, down to bare metal.