Incredibly versatile platforms for demanding 3D content creation and motion media workflows, the APEXX T-class features blazing fast AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors, ample memory, multiple professional GPUs, and plenty of drive capacity.

Multi-Core Powerhouse

Ryzen processor customize its performance to you and your applications, thanks to true machine intelligence (MI). Finally—performance that thinks.

Without increasing power, AMD’s high-performance x86 Core “Zen” architecture delivers >52% improvement in instructions-per-clock cycle over the previous generation AMD core.

Up to 32 processor cores provide an astonishing 64 threads of simultaneous multi-processing power, while up to 80MB of combined cache and vast I/O from the AMD X399 chipset stand ready to feed the beast.


Choose your T-Class system:

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  • Blazing fast 3D content & motion media

  • Fast CPU & four GPUs for motion media


* Support for the maximum number of GPUs depends on GPU model. Our online configurator smartly factors in all related constraints to help you choose.
Learn more about maximum GPU configurations and power budget or ask a BOXX performance specialist.

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